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Sunday, December 30, 2018

How To Be Persistent When Marketing Your Book

When it comes to marketing a book, certain skills can be taught and learned, while other traits may just come more naturally to some people.  I would have to think that persistence is something anyone can practice, provided they are dedicated to it.  So how does one effectively use the act of persistence to successfully promote a book?

First, let’s define persistence.  To me, it is the act of pursuing something and relentlessly following up until you obtain your desired goal or truly feel you need to try a different avenue.

Just because you ask, doesn’t mean you shall receive, but if you don’t ask, you assuredly shall not receive.  Try you must, again and again.  Persistence yields results.

Second, let’s think about what persistence really looks like on the book marketing landscape.

Persistence is getting an answer to your query, not settling for being ignored or feeling fulfilled by a lack of response.

Persistence is about trying to get a “no” converted into a “yes.”

Persistence is about at least getting a partial “yes” instead of an across-the-board rejection.

Persistence leads you to fine-tune and redefine what you are asking for, including how you ask, and whom you ask.

Persistence is a frame of mind, a way of living, a value that underlies all other values.  You simply believe in yourself and refuse to settle for less.

Persistence means you don’t give up and you don’t make excuses.  Your goal is to achieve something, not to have a rejection story to share.

Persistence means exploring all options and creatively tinkering with how to have your objective met.

Persistence means enlisting help, whether getting free advice, friendly support, or paid professionals to assist you in your endeavors.

Persistence also means to even fail.  It means to push hard enough to get a resolution, even if it’s one you disagree with.  This enables you to move on to something else that is achievable.

Persistence starts with you and how you view what you seek to accomplish.  It’s about your sense of self-worth.  It’s about courage, passion, smarts, and execution.  It’s about setting goals, sticking to self-imposed deadlines, and sacrificing other things in order to zone in on marketing your book.  

Persistence is a means and a reward all to itself to the one who practices it.


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