Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How Authors Can Communicate Better

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Communicating clearly is something we all expect, especially when it involves something important, dangerous, or urgent, but we still find ourselves misunderstanding what people, signs, or documents are trying to tell us.  Authors should keep this in mind when seeking to share a message with others about their book.  If there’s room for doubt, misinterpretation, or missing an idea, it will likely happen, simply because that’s how the world works.

Few messages are idiot-proof or 100% understandable.  Why?  Because people read something too quickly or they are distracted.  Perhaps they don’t understand some of the words or apply the wrong intention behind the statement.  Everyone brings different skills, knowledge, biases, experiences, and needs to the table, and so when they hear, see, or read something there’s a lot of room for error in how they come to understand what they’re being told.

You and I can hear the same sentence and assume completely opposite things as a result.  If books are to be sold and authors are to brand themselves successfully, they’ll need to take certain measures to make sure they are being understood the way they intended to be.

So what can authors do to ensure their message is being heard and embraced, so that their words and deeds drive others to buy the book and feel called upon to take an action step?

Authors will need to:

·        Say a message – and restate it in different ways several times throughout a meeting, presentation, media interview, blog post, or social media posting.  Repetition and variety of the same message will clarify and reinforce your intended viewpoint.

·        Take a look at the specific words you are using.  Is there room for making them sound more colorful or urgent or consistent with a certain voice that you want to project?

·        Use visuals – videos, charts, photos, illustrations, tables, stats -- something other than words to convey a message.

·        Speak more dramatically, emphatically, and excitedly if they want to make an impression on others.

·        Always give a call to action.  Get people to do something – click on an item, buy a book, responsed to something.  Ask for what you want to be done – don’t leave it to chance.

·        Assume people will misunderstand you – keep clarifying and making sure everyone understands exactly what you are saying.

·        Ask questions to engage others.  Communication is a two-way thing.  You can’t just talk at someone – you speak with them.

Lastly, sound passionate, sincere, and enthusiastic in whatever you are saying.  People can feel your energy and want to be excited.


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