Sunday, October 18, 2020

10 Things Authors Need For Do It Yourself Book PR


Can authors do their own publicity – and not depend on a publisher or professional publicist?


Well, it depends on the book’s content and subject matter, the author’s credentials and personality, and the goals involved, but absolutely an author can promote his or her brand and market a book.


So what does a DIY author need in order to be successful?


1.      Have a promotable book.


2.      Be qualified to write that book.


3.      Begin promoting the book well before it is published.

  4.      Develop the skills needed to market a book.  

5.      Have a marketing plan with details, timelines, goals, and resources identified. 


6.      Make time available for researching, networking, soliciting speaking engagements, contacting the news media, being active on social media, and learning how to promote successfully. 


7.      Own the positive attitude needed to act with conviction, courage, and passion. 


8.      Be able to endure rejection or criticism. 


9.      Know your limitations but do not accept anything less than your best. 


10.  A little luck.


Authors can promote and market if they are driven to do so. Regardless of skillset or anything else, if an author does not feel comfortable about marketing their book or speaking out for themselves, it gets very challenging to go full throttle.


Likewise, if an author’s time is better spent doing other things, such as writing more books or doing things that make them money or happy, it is hard to demand such an author promote himself when he can hire someone to do this.


Some authors lack the mindset, personality, or comfort level to promote themselves. They can accept that – and hire out. Or, they can accept their situation – and not do anything about it but hope their book gets discovered without anyone championing it. Success is unlikely under that approval.


DIY book publicity is for those with a desire to do it who feel they can be good at it, and find it unaffordable to outsource it. There are many, many tools and resources out there to help authors, including this blog. All authors should at least try to promote themselves, even if it is just for one aspect of a larger campaign. The more you can help yourself, the better your promotions will go.


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