Saturday, October 3, 2020

Why Books Are Selling When The United States Is Melting Down


Studies show that book sales – print and ebooks – are up substantially this year compared to last year.  People have more time to read. They had enough of Netflix and cable news.  We want to flee from hearing about death and economic destruction wrought by fires, hurricanes, and the pandemic. But now, I suspect, there will be a run on books that have to do with government chaos, conspiracies, corruption, and dead presidents, given that Capitol Hill is running its own version of a Shakespearian play.


In just the last 48 hours America has been rocked by wild news of corona gone mad inside the Beltway. President Donald Trump, his close aides, numerous senators, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, the first lady, and others have all tested positive for the deadly corona virus. All Republicans.  Then throw in a Supreme court nomination is in the balance, not to mention an election.  We could have numerous constitutional dilemmas arising before and after what is proving to be a very important election.


All of a sudden, we have wild questions being asked that seemed unimaginable just a few days ago:


·         What if the president is incapacitated – who takes over?

·         What if the president dies before the election – can a dead man win?

·         Will the hearings for the Supreme Court nominee be delayed?

·         Will the debates still take place?

·         Could the House of Representatives again push for impeachment while the president is in a hospital?

·         Will other nations pounce on the state of confusion amongst the government leadership?

·         Did this all happen naturally – or did someone plant corona at the White House?


There have already been books, novels and non-fiction, that have basically tackled each of these questions. Never have all of them had to be answered simultaneously. Reality is again proving stranger than fiction.


In the 1950s and 60s, theories of a Communist infiltration into American government ran rampant, as well as concerns that Communist countries would sprout up and ran rampant.

In the 1970s, concerns about corruption in government hit home with Nixon, and fears that blacks would rise up and take the government over abounded too.

In the 1980s, concerns that the government was controlled by powerful money lobbies persisted.

In the 2000s, fears that terrorists would run or attack America festered.


The list goes on and on. There is danger lurking everywhere, at least according to Hollywood and the book publishing industry. Well, folks, it just got crazier.


The good news, for readers, is that this invites a slew of many more books to come, that will profess to give us inside knowledge that explains today’s confusion. Other writers, novelists, will take today’s headlines and turn them into outrageous plat lines for blockbuster books.  The book world can celebrate. Despite a pandemic, ugly politics, and legal conflicts, the book world in 2021 could have a record-breaking season. The real world unfolds like a page-turner and that will help publishers mint money as they print new books that both explain it all and seed the new cycle of theories.



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