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21 Guaranteed Ways For Successfull Book Marketing


To be successful at book marketing, you can take many paths. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone. The only guarantee of a result comes from doing nothing, as nothing comes from nothing. So, what should someone do?

In a general sense, a marketing plan that leans on more than one area makes sense. Diversify. You may completely ignore some things, go big in one or two areas, and do a minimally mediocre job in a few other areas. Or your formula looks a lot different, but you take the approach that works for you.

There are at least 21 key areas to explore — but if you have other means to sell books and build a brand, go for it! Like a said, everyone should find their way and do what works. But the areas below are popular because many of them are affordable, attainable, and proven to work.

Most likely your recipe for book marketing success will come down to some ratio of the following, in no particular order:

1. Speaking events
2. Blogs
3. Podcasts
4. YouTube Channels
5. Zoominars
6. Giveaways
7. Affiliates
8. TV
9. Radio
10. Print Media
11. Websites
12. Networking
13. Social media posts
14. Advertising
15. International markets
16. Book clubs
17. Bundling
18. Bartering
19. Bulk sales
20. Fundraising
21. Testimonials

For each area you must think about:

* Do I know what can be done here?
* How much time can I dedicate to it?
* What costs are involved, including hiring a pro to teach you or do for me?
* How can I do this better or differently than others do it?
* What is the low-hanging fruit that is worth pursuing?
* What do. I have to offer in this area — any skills, resources, experiences, connections, advantages, opportunities!
* What are my goals here — and how can this be used to build foundational success or to grow and expand my existing brand?

I want you to think strategically, and opportunistically, with a blend of conviction and courage, reaching with optimism with your arms while keeping your feet planted in reality.

For each area you need to leave no stone unturned. Start small and work your way up — or shoot for something big and see what happens. Experiment. And seek help when needed.

Let’s take an area, such as networking. This can happen in person or online. You can attend events such as writer conferences, trade shows, or seminars and network with others. You can increase your connections on various social media platforms. You can ask your base of existing friends, family, and connections to introduce you to others. You can take varying approaches to meeting people or gaining new connections, but it all starts with showing up, making an introduction, and asking for that business card, digital invite, or phone number.

So, let’s review.
* Make a plan, based on some or all of these 21 areas — or pursue something else.
* Be versatile and willing to change.
* Strive to improve and do things better, faster, cheaper.
* Commit to act consistently and daily.
* Provide resources to help you succeed.
* Don’t give up so easily or quickly.
* Do things better, first, differently.
* Believe in yourself. Trust in your book.
* Dismiss what performs the weakest, invest more in what works, and continue to review and refine underperforming areas.

If all else fails miserably, I do not give permission for you to give up. It just means you did not yet find the right balance of strategy and execution.

But it is possible that your book just doesn’t have much of a market or fails to resonate with those who read it. If that is the case, where you received a lot of negative feedback, criticism or bad reviews, you have three options:

* Walk away and never write again.
* Move on to the next book.
* Make some edits and try again.

In any event, book marketing, like the process of writing books, is a lifetime endeavor, one that is for the passionate, driven, and purposeful to keep pursuing until their last dying breath.

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