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Interview With Amazon Bestselling Author Tomeka Lynch Purcell


 1.      What inspired you to write your book?  What inspired me to write my book was a life event and what was happening in my life at the time. It wasn’t really a plan that came into a book. I know so many individuals that go through a financial break down or financial hardship and because I put different pieces in place, it allowed me to be able to excel in several different areas. If something works for me, I most definitely want to provide the same for those who are willing to listen and who have an open ear for it. It was a life event that inspired me to share how I overcame and put it into a story for those to read. 

 2.      What do you hope will be some everlasting thoughts that stay with your readers?  I would like them to pay attention to the details. I talk a lot about details and how specific things pertain to them. I want them to read the book and understand how I’m breaking down the details from bottom to top. By that I mean by being at your lowest and now being on the top of the world or feeling as though you are, or that you’re in a good position financially. I want them to not only understand those details, but put those details into practice. 

 3.      If someone could only buy one book this month, why should they choose yours?  We’re in a pandemic right now. We’re in COVID-19 and my book teaches you and explains how you can take huge financial steps for greatness. If the pandemic didn’t teach us anything it taught us that our finances have to be in order; our credit has to be in order. Taking the time to learn about these things while we’re in this famine is one of the reasons why my book is a necessity right now. 

 4.      Who do you believe you target audience is?  African Americans. We’ve never been taught or privileged to have generational wealth. It’s easier for them (us) to open up the book and say, “I know that’s right!”. I target who I want to see change within and that is individuals, especially women, who look like me. 

 5.      What are some challenges you had to overcome while you were writing the book? When it came to the actual writing of the book, I was only writing truth, so that wasn’t challenging. It’s a work book so it was easy to write about what I went through and what I see a lot of people go through, more so African American people. We have over 400 years of not being able to acquire wealth or wealth being brought upon us. I don’t have an inheritance or a trust fund waiting for me and a lot of people that look like me don’t either. It was easy for me to make this book relatable to others because they have gone through the same thing. I think the struggle that I had with writing the book is trying not to be overwhelming. You can’t overwhelm people with too much information. The struggle was having to just give bits and pieces of the knowledge that I have and some of the things that I’ve learned. 

 6.      In your opinion, where do you think the book publishing business is heading? I think it is on a verge of diminishing because everything is going virtual. I think a lot of authors and publishing companies are going to have to put a substantial amount of funds into building an amazing virtual experience for readers and book writers. We have to be able to transition into the years and changes. Virtual is what it is right now. 

 7.      What are some words of wisdom that you have for fellow writers? Write your truth. State your truth. When you’re speaking facts it’s so much easier to put it on paper. 


About Tomeka Lynch Purcell

As an educator, entrepreneur, and financial coach, Tomeka Lynch Purcell is the quintessential triple-threat. She specializes in helping women establish financial goals, build wealth, and change the way they think about money. A nationally recognized financial empowerment coach, mentor, speaker and strategic planner with over 15 years experience, Tomeka trains individual and collective clients on how to achieve personal and professional financial goals. Utilizing her extensive background in financial planning, corporate finance, and real estate, Tomeka founded Credit Solutions Services, a credit and finance management firm, where she teaches women financial stability and wealth that encourages personal and financial assertiveness and evolution. Her varied experiences have made her deeply aware of how frustrated and vulnerable many people feel about dealing with their money, especially after major life transitions such as divorce, job changes, or a death in the family. Using this as a driving force, Tomeka shares practical solutions that allow clients and attendees to up-level their finances and learn efficient & scalable credit management skills, which in many cases increases income and helps build towards a secure financial future. Her passion in educating and teaching women is exemplified in her intensives and workshops she facilitates at various organizations, businesses and events throughout the Greater Charlotte area. In 2016, Tomeka launched her Amazon bestselling book, "Why Pay Cash? Credit Is Better." In this book, she challenges the antiquated mindset that millions of people have about the use of credit and how millennial spending can change that. Her latest effort, "The Ingredients To Better Credit", takes an even deeper look at credit management solutions, providing a real talk approach to building and repairing problematic credit. Tomeka brings her warmth and wit to every engagement, as she believes that humor reduces people’s resistance to change. She counts it a privilege to watch others experience a sense of freedom and confidence in their ability to not only make money, but make THEIR money matter.

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