Sunday, October 25, 2020

Why Every Author Needs A Cheerleader Or Coach


Most writers may seem like loners or quiet people. More than some are definitely social misfits, but even the most gregarious are lonely when it is just them sitting by their keyboard or writing pad. Every writer needs a coach to win at the game of writing, publishing, and promoting books.

Our society has coaches in many forms, to meet many personal, educational, financial, legal, and workplace needs. Just look here. We have:

* Life coaches
* Therapists
* Athletic coaches
* Physical trainers
* Nutritionists
* Psychiatrists
* Workplace consultants
* Wealth managers
* Legal advisors
* Pet trainer
* Professional advisors
* Guidance counselors
* Dating coaches or marriage counselors
* College admissions consultants

Why not a writing coach? 

We need editors, publicists, book shepherds, and writing instructors to teach us, motivate us, and at times do things to assist our efforts. Above all else, we need inspirational mentors to go rah-rah and show us a combination of loving support and boot camp toughness.

Before you think you don’t need any help or wouldn’t benefit from the support, ideas, knowledge, or experience of others, think again. You are not a silo, void of society. You may feel isolated, but you don’t exist beyond our universe. We can all be better writers and marketers with the help of trained, experienced, and passionate professionals by our side.

Of course, nothing is worse than a bad experience that ruins it for you. I did not enjoy seeing a marriage counselor before divorcing, nor did I think I got much out of listening to some of my Little League coaches as a kid, but I did find the simple suggestion of a guidance counselor in college from stopping me from quitting college. See, you just need the right person to come along at the right time. But you must be open to the advice and acknowledge you need help or recognize that someone else can bring out the greatness within you.

Writing and marketing seem like go-it-alone ventures, and often they are, but think of how much you would learn, grow, and do as a result of getting help from a pro.

Keep an open mind to working with others to make you the best writer that you can be, to position you for publishing success, and to help you market your brand and sell more books. You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain.

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