Monday, October 26, 2020

Are Authors Connecting Online The Right Way?


How many social media connections do you have? Are you connected to the right people? Do you engage your connections in a meaningful way? Let’s discuss how authors can use social media to their advantage.

I have 28,460 connections on LinkedIn. That is nothing compared to those with millions of Instagram or Twitter followers, but more than the few hundred connections many authors have on Facebook. Given LinkedIn caps one’s circle of connections at 30,000, I am nearing the ceiling.

Though social media is a numbers game, as people perceive your importance based on your number of followers and connections, the real power is in the engagement.

Get to know your connections and interact with them. If you connect wisely, you are building your brand and launching a business as a writer successfully.

Authors should be doing the following:

·         Reach out to get new people to connect with you – daily.

·         Auto-respond or customize a response to all of those who agree to connect with you.

·         Post regularly on that platform and share often.

·         Respond to comment providers to your posts.

·         Comment on posts of your followers.

·         Read the profile of your connections -- and see the connections of your connection and reach out to them with a comment, question, invite, or offer.

·         Seek to get them to subscribe to your blog, podcast, newsletter.

·         Invite them to your digital events— ie FB chat or zoom webinar, or to view your YouTube channel.

·         Seek to get the email address of each social media connection for your list for future use and to dialogue privately with.

·         Offer something to your connections before asking for something.

I have recently taken to scheduling calls with my new contacts. Some are open to a call and really like the idea that there is real interaction instead of the constant thumbs up emoji response to our posts. The calls have led to real results, cementing relationships that go beyond the digital page.

I know, I know, authors are busy enough than to go nuts everyday with digging up connections to contact, adding connections, interacting with them, and keeping up with the need to post regularly – but it can be worthwhile if done the right way. Determine what a connection is worth to you – and what it will take to obtain, keep and nurture that connection. I will continue to develop new relationships on LinkedIn - -and then work hard to take it to another level, going from digital exchanges to phone calls – and who knows, maybe in-person meetings one day.

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