Thursday, October 29, 2020

Here’s The Difference Between Struggling & Successful Authors


What do successful authors do that most authors do not?


Honestly, after working with thousands of authors and talking to many thousands of other authors whom I did not work with, the one trait seems to come down to attitude.


Yes, attitude.


It dictates your motivation, your thinking, your connections, and your actions.


Can one really change their attitude?


I think so, to a degree, but it certainly is hard for some. They get used to thinking things are a certain way, accept them, make excuses, and get stuck working in a box that limits them, but should they be open to changing their mindset, their views, and their ideas, they will break through.


What are some of the things an author can do when it comes to developing a better attitude?


1.      Have a can-do spirit. Look at a situation and believe you have the capacity to change or improve it. Know that you make a difference and can perform at a higher level.


2.      Be opportunistic. See opportunity everywhere. Make your own opportunity. Don’t wait for an invitation to the party – you can be the party. Turn problems into opportunities.


3.      Have faith that you will figure things out. Authors need to thrust themselves into their careers, writing more books and promoting them better. They will not run through roadblocks but they should have the confidence in themselves to know that they will overcome challenges and seize opportunities.


4.      Say yes to the possibilities, not just the probabilities. It is easy to prioritize and pursue what is achievable – the low-hanging fruit. That is fine. But don’t stop there. Reach further and higher. Turn a possibility into something attainable.


5.      Act with courage and conviction. Show confidence, not fear. Act out of a sense of righteousness and beliefs. It is okay to be a friend or feel you are alone and exposed. Keep pushing your agenda. Others will embrace it.


6.      Embrace change. No one likes change, especially when it is thrust upon us and we love something or need to do things differently just to get the same results. But change can mean taking on new things, meeting new people and experimenting. It pays off!


7.      Welcome a challenge. Don’t run or hide from what needs to get done. Take ownership of it and get beyond it.


8.      Declare your mission and vision. Have a foundational principle or purpose that drives you and measure everything against that. You are on a mission. Share it with others. Have a vision of how things could be. Then, use it as a roadmap to actually get to where you want to be.


9.      Challenge traditional ideas. History and tradition have value. So do new ideas and new ways. Be willing to shake things up and disrupt the status quo.


10.  Have goals and keep supersizing. Never get complacent or think just because you hit one benchmark that you’re done. Keep reaching for more and you’ll get there.


11.  Take action over thinking. Yes, plan, analyze, and research. Act on sound advice and the right facts. But act. Don’t delay to ponder. There is a time for debate and brainstorming. Then act. Again and again.


12.  Take risks. Yes, put yourself out there. Spend time or money without a guaranteed return. Try a new approach that may fail. Say things that are controversial. Being reserved or complacent, or playing it safe, gets you nowhere.


Lastly, measure your results. Examine what works and do more of it. Dismiss what is not working. The formula for success comes down to your attitude. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Will you act on your heart’s beliefs or sideline your chance to grow? 


You choose. Now.



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