Thursday, April 1, 2021

Book Event Recovery Lag Hurts Us All


Things are getting back to normal. Crowds at sporting events, air travel, kids in the classroom, and traffic are back. Even mass shootings are back in vogue, sadly. How soon before public, in-person book events return?

Unfortunately, we are in a purgatory stage. We are not at the peak but we are not at the nadir. Vaccines are way up — but Covid infections and deaths are climbing, too. This pesky pandemic just won’t disappear, but we need to see it dissipate.

Author conferences, book fairs, writer workshops, and book signings won’t roar back until:

*More get vaccinated

*Covid deaths simmer down

*People congregate elsewhere, like church or a mall, and feel comfortable

*Stores and organizations courageously start scheduling events again

*More authors make a public push to get out there

It will happen. Certainly, by the fall, we should start seeing public book events in some shape or form. Books are a part of our culture and bring a sense of community. Enough with the virtual crap and endless zooms. I want to be out of the house and mingling with people. Don’t you?

Children’s books really depend on public gatherings. Kids get read to. Costumed characters bring stories to life. Stay at home moms escape their homes and come to gather, for the sake of child and mom.

It will seem a bit foreign to just go back to how things used to be, but the longer we stay mummified the longer we do damage to ourselves. We are getting to a tipping point where reward outweighs the risk, where the toll of self-isolation is too costly. The fever must break and things need to go back to normal.

Ah, normal. Masks and social distancing will still be with us until next spring. People will still favor outdoors over indoors. We may be permanently scarred from this pandemic, no longer able to socialize freely and with reckless abandon. It will linger in the back of our heads to see humans, even friends and family, as potential predators.

Book events can help us to heal – and will rejuvenate our minds and souls. I can’t wait!

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