Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Why Authors, Jilted By Bad Publicists, Need To Date Again


When you were a kid learning how to ride a bike, you very likely fell. Maybe you scraped your knee or elbow. Ouch! So, what did you do? You got right back on and enjoyed your ride. For some reason, adults are not as resilient.

Adults might stop riding their bike after a tumble — or may never take up riding again out of fear of getting hurt.


Authors who used a book marketer and got burned may never hire another publicist simply because they fear a repeat of poor results. They would rather assure themselves of missing out on potential success than to risk getting screwed again.

Well, that makes no sense. It really doesn’t. If you recognize the only way to grow your brand, increase your sales, and get your message out on a wider scale is to collaborate with a professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and connected book promoter, why wouldn’t you use one?

Sure, book marketers can be slicksters. They bullshit others for a living. They stretch or ignore the truth, even downright lie. So do politicians, lawyers, stockbrokers, businessmen, and so many others. The key is to find the right book marketer and not to dismiss all who practice the art of book publicity.

So you got taken for a ride or received poor results, so what? It happens. Get over it.

You ever get lousy waitresses. Or crappy doctors who rush you through appointments? How about a house painter who was sloppy or a hotel that didn’t live up to its five-star rating? Did you stop eating out, seeing a doctor, painting your house, or go on vacation? Of course not. You wouldn’t even entertain such a stupid idea, would you?

How about going on a bad date or having a lousy marriage? You didn’t swear off of dating, did you? I guess you don’t want love, friendship, or sexual intimacy. Nonsense! You get right back out there and look for romance, perhaps feeling dazed and fearful, but nevertheless you are circulating again because you recognize the potential reward is worthwhile, even if it means enduring some real losers.

I have helped promote and market thousands of authors over the past three decades, but the ones that don’t hire me tell me they got burned, sometimes more than once, by bad publicists or scammers. They so fear getting taken for a ride that they take more comfort in avoiding another possible loss over taking a risk to reap significant rewards and work again with a book marketer.

Authors, use your brain and think. Put your emotions aside. Just use your analytical skills to evaluate the offer and person making the offer. Go through a checklist of questions and if they are answered to your satisfaction, start dating again. Get back on that bike. Take a chance on success rather than experiencing the secure comforts of subpar mediocrity.


Authors, run into the arms of a qualified publicist, now!



“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

--Albert Einstein


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