Friday, April 2, 2021

How Do Authors Make A Favorable Impression?


All of book marketing really boils down to a handful of factors. It starts with authors reaching out – to potential readers, consumers, stores, media, groups – and seeking to develop a relationship.


Marketing your book boils down to achieving a series of yesses:


·         Yes, you can email me

·         Yes, we can be connected on social media.

·         Yes I will read a blog or newsletter.

·         Yes to clicking on something free.

·         Yes to attending your event.

·         Yes to buying your book.


One action, seemingly harmless and hopefully useful, leads to another. You stay in front of people on a consistent, regular basis, through different touch points, and when someone needs your book, they think of you.  


You sell who you are and promote yourself based on these 10 factors:


·         Experience: years in your field; degrees; events that happened to you

·         Popularity: how the news media treats you; size of your social media following

·         Validation: awards and honors earned

·         Message: what you actually have to say and share

·         Success: identify an accomplishment; book sale totals

·         Image: your attractiveness, clothes, voice, and size

·         Tribal: connecting based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, geography

·         Charity: if your book sales contribute to a non-profit and good cause

·         Personality: be likeable and sound interesting

·         Affiliations: photo with you and a celebrity or known entity; testimonials from experts


You may think people either like a good book or they don’t, but before they can even get to a book or to discover it, they need to feel a connection to you. Take a look at what it is that you offer, personally and professionally, and then sell your best attributes and respond to how people perceive you.


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