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Best Practices For Authors To Secure Media Coverage


When contacting the news media to promote their book, many authors get flustered. This is an unfamiliar process to them and they feel naked in such uncomfortable terrain. How can authors connect effectively with the news media — without tossing their lunch?

Know Which Outlet To Approach

Look at all media — television, radio, print, and online. Explore local, regional, national, and international outlets where appropriate. Find the media that would be receptive to your message, the outlets where their viewers, listeners, or readers match the demographics of your potential readers.

Know Who To Contact

Find the right person or people at each media outlet. There may be multiple people that you should approach, each covering different beats or segments— but only contact one at a time (no group emails) and before you move on to the next one, get a resolution from each person.

Know What He/She Covers

Once you know which media outlet to pursue, and which specific person to contact, research this person and learn of his or her background, professionally and personally. Draw upon this information in crafting your pitch to them. Make your offer resonate with them on a deeper level.

Be Aware Of When To Reach Them

Some members of the media are part-time workers or they work from home or they are under a deadline at certain times of the day. Try calling and emailing when you believe they will be around. If you try once and get no response, call at another time of day or day of the week in hopes of catching them in.

Know How To Reach Them

Most media prefer email pitches. Some require books mailed to them. A handful will take phone calls. None expect you to show up unannounced at their office. You might try to connect with them at a public event or on social media or through a common friend.

Know What To Say

Determine exactly what it is that you are offering. What is the story or headline? You must serve their needs and not just proclaim
you have a great book. Find a theme or story angle to sell. Tie your message into the news cycle, calendar, or special events. Highlight the one thing that helps you to stick out from a crowd.

Follow Best Practices

No attachments should be sent on the initial email. Your pitch should short and sweet, with bullet points and not clunky chunks of text. Include one link — not six links. Think like them and provide what they would need to feel interested in you. Assume there is heavy competition for media coverage, so only say something provocative or unique. Ordinary need not apply.

No Reason To Feel Intimidated

Sure, the media can really help your writing career, but don’t crap yourself while talking to them. Trust in your message and in your ability to help others discover your value.

Shy Away From Being Shy

Being timid, conservative, reserved, neutral, or passive in your mannerisms or tone will get you nowhere. Shyness has no reward.

You Are Not A Braggart, But An Advocate

No one wants to hear an egomaniac brag about themselves, but you will have to champion for yourself and be your best advocate. So, strike a balance between bragging and merely sharing good things.

Pay For Play

There is an increasing number of opportunities to buy some fame. There are advertising opportunities, paid book reviews, and even paid interview situations worth exploring. Of course, you can also pay a marketer and publicist to assist you. Money speaks.

Set Goals And Execute A Plan To Achieve Them

A roadmap to nowhere will take you there fast. Plan, Set goals, Reach beyond your means.

Celebrate Your Success

You will breakthrough, no matter how many rejections you receive. In fact, every no that you hear is getting you closer to that yes. Celebrate your wins and enjoy each opportunity that you seize. Build on your successes and lay a foundation for establishing your platform.

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