Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Do Authors Just Need A Dose Of Inspiration To Succeed?



For the past 30 years, while working with thousands of authors and talking to tens of thousands more, I have found that almost all authors need a dose of inspiration and encouragement.


I guess we all can use a pat on the back, a loving hug, words of encouragement, and moving moments, but authors in particular need these things. They probe their feelings, evaluate their experiences, and judge themselves harshly in order to create and write books.


They experience rejection on a near-daily basis – from critics or family, from themselves, from literary agents or publishers who decide not to represent them, from the news media that declines coverage, and from people on social media who do not re-forward an author’s posts or “like” them.


But writers keep writing. It is what they do. They are driven by life, and its dramatic shortcomings and amazing beauty, waiting to teach, show, and share something of value -- or to warn, criticize, and fix something. Or, they just write, not as much to cure or complain, but to seek support. Writing can be cathartic and it becomes our therapy.


So, what will inspire authors?


1.      Rest. Plain and simple – go to sleep. Just obligate yourself to nothing. Commit to lazing around like a polar bear, on a hot summer’s day.


2.      Reflect. Analyze, review, and dissect the past conversations, or events. Seek to find answers to any lingering questions or concerns. Gain resolution over your problems.


3.      Play. Go to a comedy club, play, or a museum. Take a walk or hit the gym. Travel. Engage in a hobby.


4.      Get out of the norm. Change scenery, break your routine, and simply try something new.


5.      Seek out others. In our friendships, family, or strangers that become friends, we get to reinvent ourselves through dialogue. Seek out their love and warmth.


6.      Consume escapist content. Watch TV, see a movie, read a novel, or see a movie. Get lost in someone else’s life or world.


7.      Go psychology! See a therapist or coach. Attend a seminar or workshop. Read self-help, inspirational, and psychology blogs, magazines, or books.


8.      Explore or re-explore the purpose of your life. Ask questions of others and seek out answers that help give you clarity and a surge of energy to focus your efforts back on your pride and passion: writing.


To be your best, you sometimes need to give a piece of yourself to others. Try:


·         Donating funds or things to causes of concern

·         Volunteering your time or talent to help others

·         Mentoring someone

·         Helping to be a part of a solution to a problem

·         Being kinder, gentler, and more accepting of others


Don’t forget to be positive in your deeds and thoughts. Avoid “always,” “must,” and “never.” Pay attention to your self-talk. Avoid seeing yourself as a victim of things.


If all else fails, adopt a dog or two. Dogs are awesome beings who give unconditional love and desire only to be by your side, even if it is just to curl up on the couch with us.



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