Thursday, October 14, 2021

Are Poor Book Sales Preventable?


Many authors are dissatisfied with their book sales activity. It is never enough, but sometimes it is downright pathetic. Authors wonder why they are in this predicament, without questioning their role in this. Like most diseases and medical conditions, poor book sales are preventable. We need to take ownership of our bodies — and book sakes.

Preventive measures, maintenance of good habits, and smart decisions can make a big difference.

I went to my dermatologist today for an annual skin checkup. It turns out I was last there when Obama was president. I had gone at least bi-annually for a number of years and then fell off the wagon. I was spurred to go back the minute my wife was told that she had skin cancer.

Thankfully it was caught early and treated effectively. She is fine, but now has to be mindful in using sunscreen and doing annual checkups.

At the visit, my doctor biopsied one suspicious area and treated another. She gave me a prescription for a shampoo that removes dryness and told me to use sunscreen on my face daily. She said:” A lot of these skin cancers are preventable”

So are lousy book sales.

I wonder if we should look at book marketing the way we do our health.

It is time, dear author to stop seeing bad sales as your destiny without fighting back. It is time to cease thinking poor sales are an unfortunate random act that just happens to find you. You should no longer act as if you are independent or mutually exclusive of your book sales.

Book sales don’t happen to you. No, you impact sales. There is a direct correlation to what you do and how well you do it when it comes to book sales — and your health.

Sunscreen applied daily prevents skin cancer.
Proper nutrition fights disease.
Going to the gym improves body health.
Vaccines prevent unnecessary sickness and death.

We know these things to be true.

Ignorance is no longer a defense. Laziness is not excusable. Time and money can be factors, true, but where are your priorities? Take care of yourself today so that you avert problems tomorrow.

I am as guilty as anyone about not taking care of my health as optimally as one should. But I see now I can screw myself over if I don’t chart a new course. I just need to give myself permission to succeed. That is it. There are no other barriers but the ones I put up or decline to knock down.

That brings us back to book marketing. You need to make sales happen. All of the tools and resources are there for you. Use social media to your advantage. Pursue traditional media for interviews. Secure book reviews. Pursue speaking engagements. Pay for targeted advertising. Exploit your network of connections and support.

Make shit happen, or shit will happen to you. 

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