Sunday, October 10, 2021

Why Is Procrastination A Strategy For Some Authors?


Authors are very good at procrastinating — but does procrastination have a pay-off?

Authors who procrastinate while writing a book, avoid getting rejected. Of course, they also avoid receiving the fulfillment and rewards of publishing a book.

Those who stall on marketing a book have an excuse for why the book did not succeed. Procrastination allows them to say the book didn’t fail — as in the media and others didn’t reject it -- they just didn’t know about it. But by not promoting your book, you deprive others from reading it, and you close yourself off from potentially good reviews and cashflow.

I believe a potential sale lost due to procrastination or avoidance is the same as pursuing a sale and being rejected. In both cases, no sale took place. The goal is to get sales, not to minimize moments of wounded pride.  I don’t know why having an excuse for not achieving something holds more appeal or currency than trying for a sale and falling short.

Procrastination guarantees no sales. Trying and failing is temporary. You learn snd try harder, better. You will eventually succeed when you no longer are under the spell of procrastination and its false lure of promising you won’t feel the sting of rejection..

How do authors procrastinate? Oh, let me count the ways:

Willfully allow for delays without employing a work-around. They are content or relieved to feel something is out of their control.

Deny themselves opportunities by not looking for them or failing to act on those that are presented to them.

Deviate from a game plan that was working by slowing down or sabotaging their efforts.

Lack focus, commitment, and a can-do spirit.

Make excuses for things that could be fixed.

Tell themselves lies.

Believe the lies of others.

Suffer a setback and stop trying.

Untrained to do what is needed, so they make little effort to learn.

Lack inspiration and support from others, but can’t seem to self-motivate.

Unaware of what to do, and don’t bother to ask questions, seek answers, or get guidance.

Authors should confront reality and meet their challenges head on. Procrastination gets you nowhere, fast. Stop bullshitting yourself. Try doing what is needed, and if you fail at something, try again, but don’t fail to try.


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