Monday, February 3, 2014

Which Changes Will You Make To Experience Success As A Writer?

So much is written about the new year resolutions, and change.  What if you want to change but don’t know where to start or how to do it?  What if you don’t have an awareness a change is needed?  Is change overrated?

It’s a good idea to assess your life at all stages.  You don’t have to evaluate where you stand daily nor do you need to wait for January to roll around to inspire change.  Life changes, whether by reaction or initiation, but it happens to all of us, so how prepared are you for it?

Change can happen in many forms:
In one or two aspects of your life or across the board
By adding something new
By deleting something old
By adjusting the degree to which you already do something
By altering your relationships, body, possessions, habits
By changing your perspectives and viewpoints
By moving your environment
By agreeing to being open or closed to new things

Many changes have to do with the things that influence our lives—money, people health, and careers.

Perhaps the key to change comes first from an awareness of what should be changed.  Then you must be aware of your options for change.  Then you need to weigh them against one another as well as the option not to change anything.  Finally, you’ll need to take steps towards taking the action necessary to bring about the desired effect.

Maybe nothing needs to change and all you need is to execute better or to work harder or to persevere.  Perhaps your strategy is good but you execute poorly.  Maybe you just had bad luck or you let something hold you back that no longer is a factor.  Perhaps your head is in the right place, but not your heart.  Maybe you are all heart but without the tools, skills, or resources to get what you want.

Take a nothing-to-lose approach and act with desperation in your heart.  When you are driven by desire and passion and are willing to take risks and explore new possibilities you open yourself to winning big.  Living with reckless abandon on the wings of hope and desire can help you soar high or fall hard trying.

Live the dream or suffer the nightmare.


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