Friday, February 28, 2014

Writing Beyond Your State of Life

When you feel like you are stuck and in a cycle of intellectual poverty, what do you, as a writer, do?

You keep on writing, no matter what.  One strategy is to write your way out of a block, to just forge ahead until you start generating the words that have flow and take you over the wall of boring and mediocrity.

Or, you pause and stop practicing a bad habit.  One strategy is to take a break and step away from the situation.  Get some distance between your thoughts and sever the highway that connects your brain to paper.  We sometimes see more clearly when we remove what is directly in front of us.

Either method, depending on your emotional and mental circumstances, can work well.  Or both can fail.  A third strategy is to gain new input.  Take a vacation of the mind, maybe the body too, and start to add new ideas to your writing life.  Read books, blogs, magazines or newspapers that you normally don’t.  Talk to new people, travel elsewhere.  Change your scenery around you and inwardly you begin to evolve.

Writing is a reflection of one’s state of mind, intelligence, experience, imagination, and our way of reacting to our physical surroundings and physical capabilities.  The writing muscle needs to be worked – and stretched beyond its limits.  Writers can go where the physical world can’t, where time can’t reach, where distance is bridged by your creative thoughts, and where a new dimension dwells that no one else can be in.

Book marketing block, like writer’s block, can hit authors as well.  Sometimes it comes for the same reason as when writers are stumped when writing; other times it comes from fear, lack of encouragement, minimal resources, lack of desire, or some kind of mental conflict.  Sometimes book marketing efforts/time are in direct conflict with a writer’s need for time to write.

Sometimes the best way to get over your writer’s block is to read the works of others.  By escaping in the words and worlds of someone else, you relax and transform your mind into a new state of being.  Then you’ll be ready to become the writer again – and you will create the book that someone else will read to break their writer’s block.


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