Thursday, February 20, 2014

Will The Media Return To Authors?

What would Bill Maher’s TV show look like if it focused every episode on the world of books – from shedding scrutiny on publishers and authors to exposing lies and spotlighting truths of the works of writers?

Or if Jon Stewart focused all of The Daily Show on books, not just the final third of his episodes that are filled with interviews with authors and other celebrities?

What if CNN and Fox, instead of relying on their one-sided pundits to fill air time actually analyze the news through the intelligent insights of authors?

I see the media landscape going through a new shift, where there’s a return to having authors lead our public discussions. Ok, wishful thinking. Right now, there’s a small amount of news media that practice journalism – the rest is just infotainment, analysis, and speculation. Reporting of the news, and helping us understand it is beyond the job description of our news programs or our talk shows these days.

I believe books can cure the world of any ill. And I believe the media needs to rely more on authors who intellectualize our understanding of the world we live in. And as a result, we’d sell more books!

Kickstarter For Authors
Kickstarter could be a resource for authors who are looking to raise money. Crowd-funding is becoming more popular for launching or expanding all types of businesses, including publishing. Have you thought about going that route?

56 campaigns or projects listed on Kickstarter have yielded at least one million dollars each, but one in ten projects listed didn’t receive a single dollar. Most projects received $10,000 or less. 44% of projects reached their funding goals. Almost a billion dollars has been pledged to fund all projects.

Smart Phones Book Marketing Opportunity?
We keep hearing the world as going mobile – but it really is. In less than three years, it is estimated the world will go from 1.3 billion smartphones to 2.5 billion. How will this impact how we communicate with each other, as well as promote books?

Young Online Users Still Love Facebook
According to Adweek, of those ages 25-34 who use the Internet, 72% use Facebook, 62% use YouTube, 36% use Instagram, and 34% Twitter. Do you use them all -- or any of them?


Do You Believe In Book Publishing’s False Prophets?

A look into the future of books and language and the struggle for relvancy

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