Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Author Olympics Have Begun

The Winter Olympics have come to pass with new medalists and proud countries. We can all appreciate the idea of nationalist pride and in seeing the best compete against one another. In some ways, we each wish we could be out there, looking to bring home the gold as hundreds of millions watch on TV across the globe. As writers, do we pine for such global competition? Do writers already compete globally for consumers, hoping to rise to the top of their genre’s bestseller list?

Because of the Internet, and because of e-books, words can travel anywhere in an instant. They can be translated and shared in all formats and languages at the press of a button. Is the US not a big enough stage to compete on? Now you can be read and sold in 200 countries, but the books from those places compete with yours as well.

Some writers relish the opportunity to secure new markets for their works. Why only be a star of one country when you can also be popular elsewhere? It is mind-boggling as to how many readers are potentially out there -- and how so few actually become yours.

Authors compete every day -- with themselves, with other authors, and with other forms of information and entertainment. Whether there’s an official Olympics taking place, authors always strive for success. To me, each one is a winner.


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