Sunday, December 7, 2014

Great Books Not Yet Written

Plenty of books don’t get written that would be great sellers, make the news, and impact society.  Why?  Because of many factors, including:

·         The author is under contract not to reveal such things
·         There’s litigation over the would-be book
·         Its publication would hurt the writer’s career
·         The book would damage someone’s reputation
·         People would protest what you wrote, endangering your family
·         You risk being jailed if you publish it
·         You lack the proof to show what you know is true
·         You’ll be attacked personally by the media, exposing your own dirty secrets
·         You were paid off by others not to publish it
·         The book’s publication threatens national security, endangers lives, or puts something important at risk

It makes you wonder as to what’s out there that would make for a great read but for now, can’t be shared.  Aside from the salacious gossip books or historical revisionist tomes that could be published, but aren’t, there are books that could reveal business strategy, scientific breakthroughs, and policy initiatives but won’t get published because of greed, politics, or petty jealousies.  The best books not yet published may number into the thousands!

Books you are not likely to see – for a good reason  -- would include these as well:

·         Woody Allen’s 10-Step Guide to Great Parenting
·         Kim Kardashian’s Insights On How To Get Into MENSA
·         Bill Cosby’s Tips For Dating Women
·         Chris Christie’s Manners Guide For Aspiring Politicians
·         Cookbook For Addicts: Great Recipes In A Post-Criminalization Era
·         He Said, He Said: 5 Ways For Gays To Divorce Without The Drama
·         What We Can Learn From America’s Fattest & Dumbest
·         Why Rotary Phones Beat Smart Phones
·         How To Benefit From Climate Warming
·         Print Isn’t Dead – Just Its Readers
·         How Borders Came Back To Defeat Amazon
·         Reflecting Back On The Good Old Great Recession
·         Love Tweets: Digital Missives To One-Night Stands
·         The Next Amendment: How Soda Got Banned While Pot Was Legalized
·         How To Care For Your Pet Robot Without Making Your Dog Jealous
·         My Turn: How David Caruso Won An Oscar & So Can You

The key to writing a marketable, timely book is finding a subject that people are readily familiar with and interested in, where the competition lacks clear leaders, and where the book is presented in a unique, useful, or witty way.  You can pen the next great American novel or non-fiction bestseller – and as soon as you do, expect competing titles and parodies from a pile of wannabe writers.


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