Thursday, December 11, 2014

Your Core Obligations To Freedom Spelled Out In A Book

One of the better books that I’ve read in a long time about activism at the grassroots level is Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries by Naomi World.  I purchased it a year or two ago when I was in Philadelphia, visiting The Betsy Ross House.

She writes: We must “rediscover our role as American Revolutionaries and to reclaim the America in ourselves – in our consciousness as free men and women.”


She encourages civil literacy and for people to continually be educated about liberty.

Her book advocates for learning about how our government functions and enlightens us to be active participants of a change movement.  She provides the ideas, inspiration, and resources on how to do just that.

She cautions that the Declaration of Independences granted us the right to the pursuit of happiness, but there’s also an obligation that goes with it.

It is a fabulously well-written, well-informed, well-intentioned book.  I conclude with her words here:

“We are not to wait for others to lead.  You and I are meant to take back the founders’ mandate, and you and I are meant to lead.  You and I must protest, you and I must confront our representatives, you and I must run for office, you and I must write the op-eds; you and I must take over the battle.  The founders – the unknown as well as the well-known Americans who ‘conceived’ the nation in liberty – did not intend for us to delegate worrying about the Constitution to a cadre of constitutional scholars, or to leave debate to a class of professional pundits, or to leave the job of fighting for liberty to a caste of politicians.  They meant for us to debate the issues of the day, and for us to rise up against tyranny: the American who delivers the mail; the American who teaches our children; ordinary people."

We need to lead the next revolution.



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