Monday, December 29, 2014

Ready To Collect Book Publishing Trading Cards?

The man considered the father of the modern sports trading card, Sy Berger, just died at age 91. The longtime Topps baseball card executive helped design the structure of trading cards that continues today with a formula of player image on front and statistics on the back.

Anyone who collected these cards in the past six decades should give a shout-out to him.

News of his death inspired an idea for book publishing. Why don't we create trading cards that celebrate great authors, great books, major publishers, key publishing individuals and significant moments in publishing's history?

There can be s children's version and an adult one. They can be stored, you guessed it, in a book.

When I was a kid of the 70s and a teen of the 80s, I collected baseball cards, Wacky Pack stickers, magazines, newspapers, coins, stamps, TV Guide covers and things that no one even thinks about today. We collect gadgets now. We went from the physical to digital and now collectibles exist in the clouds.

But I think if we honored the publishing world with trading cards it would be a fun way to educate and inspire the reading public about the history of the book and its social, political, and financial significance in the world today.

Who knows, maybe one day kids will trade a baseball card for an author card!


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