Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Anniversaries For Authors To Celebrate

Anniversaries are plentiful in 2015.  Whatever happened in 1215, 1915, 1815, and even 1990 contributed to the world we have today.  No doubt books have been – or will be – written about the celebrated events of yesteryear.  Below is a random sampling of milestone events:

100 Years Ago
Pluto was photographed for the first time
The first submarine disaster takes place
Babe Ruth makes his pitching debut
AT&T becomes the first corporation with a million stockholders
BMT (Brooklyn Rapid Transit) begins subway service

150 Years Ago
Lincoln assassinated
Civil War ends
Congress bans slavery
Alice in Wonderland is published

350 Years Ago
New Amsterdam legally becomes British and is renamed New York after English Duke of York

80 Years Ago
The first Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl is played
Iceland becomes first Western nation to legalize abortion
Monopoly board games go on sale

50 Years
First person to walk in space – Russian Astronaut Alexey Leonon
Death of Winston Churchill
MLK Jr’s First March from Selma
Sound of Music premiers
First US combat troops land in Vietnam

800 Years
Signing of the Magna Carta

200 Years
The War of 1812 concludes
Napoleon is exiled after defeat

25 Years
Hubble Telescope was launched
Encyclopedia Britannica sales peaked at 120,000 volumes
The number of librarians peaked
Gorbachev elected as the first president of the Soviet Union
Germany is reunified

75 Years
Elmer Fudd makes his cartoon debut
Booker T. Washington becomes first African-American to be depicted on a US postage stamp
The Battle of Britain in WWII


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