Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amazon Goes Hollywood

Amazon is always looking for new income streams or more to the point, new loss leaders.  They are the most diverse company in the world in terms of what they sell, what they make, and the services provided.  The only problem is this: They lose money and in the process, tear up the economy of the industries they touch.  Movies and Hollywood are up next.

It announced its plans to produce a dozen big-screen films this year.  However, to do so, their budgets will be limited. But that won’t stop them from messing with Hollywood’s pay scales and formulas.

Amazon wants to release movies into theaters and then one to two months later make them available for streaming for free to its 40 million prime subscribers ($99 per year).  It will beef up its entertainment business, which expanded to television successfully. It just won a Golden Globe.

Amazon is trying to be all things to all people and in the process of building marketshare and huge revenues, it piles up substantial losses.  But as long as Wall Street is supportive of the stock, Amazon can keep looking to cannibalize industry after industry.  The vultures smell blood and are going for the kill.

What’s left for Amazon to conquer?

·         Broadway plays
·         A radio network
·         Sell life insurance
·         Create a cemetery and offer discounted plots
·         Breed dogs and cats
·         Train police departments
·         Staff schools with teachers

Anything’s possible when you don’t have to turn a profit.


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