Monday, January 12, 2015

Facebook Book Club & Other Resources

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a Facebook Book Club earlier this month, saying he wants to designate more of his media time to books.  That’s great news for an industry that’s still waiting for its former book club queen, Oprah Winfrey, to make her first selection in over a year.  What is it with billionaires and their book clubs?  Who’s next  - Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, or JK Rowling?

Should mere millionaires have a crack at a book club too – maybe Kobe Bryant, George Clooney, or Bill O’Reilly can get in on this?

So what did the 20-something tech titan choose for his first of what will be 26 selections this year?  The End of Power by Moises Naim, a book that sold 20,000 copies until the royal selection. Now watch it take off.

Who should choose the winners of these book lotteries? What are their qualifications or motivations?  Should book clubs be formed and publicized even when they don’t come from the book reviewer world?

I’m happy FB is behind books.  His 30,000,000 followers can now discuss books.  Maybe more will join him in the discussion.  Getting a younger book club going is great.  Could FB be launching something to compete with Amazon in terms of book sales?

Book clubs are a great way to promote books.  Find existing book clubs and tell them about your book.  Who knows, maybe a billionaire will nominate it!

Here are five other growing areas, online, as it concerns books:

1.      Smashwords
The self-publishing site featured 336,000 titles in 2014 – up 60,000 from a year ago.

2.      Kindle Unlimited
The $9.99 a month all-you-can read ebook subscription service now has 700,000 titles – about one-fourth of all kindle books.

3.      Amazon Book Reviewers
Amazon features a list of its top 10,000 reviewers.  Many of them are book reviewers, but beware they could be genre-specific.

4.      TweetUps
Want to fund other book lovers? Check out

5.      Podcasts By The Numbers
Podcasts can be useful in promoting books and branding authors.  According to
·         iTunes has 250,000 podcasts – five times as many as it had in 2010.
·         15% of Americans listened to one podcast in the past month.
·         Half of all podcast listeners are between the ages of 12 and 34.
·         54% of podcast listeners are men.


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