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Observing Honorary Days To Get Media Coverage For Your Book

Celebrate Your Book With The Media

Will you be celebrating National Viagra Day March 27?  This and over 3,500 honorary days/weeks/months are featured on a website,  It is a must-have list for anyone promoting books to the media and marketing books to consumers.

You will find days you’ve heard of and many that you haven’t.  Some even contradict or conflict with each other.  Who decides what gets an honorary day?  Many are self-declared by large organizations or come from the government or evolved through practice.  The more often we acknowledge such dates, the more validity they obtain.

What special days would you create?  Would they be pro-something like Kiss Your Parakeet Day – or would they be anti-something like Don’t Download Anything Kardashian Day?  I don’t believe either day exists – yet.

So how should you use these honorary dates to your advantage?

First, fi the media knows about such a date/week/month, it will likely look to do stories relating to them, such as Black History Month, but not necessarily Purple Day.

Second, if you lead with your news hook as a tie-in to an obscure day it may be enough to make the media inquire further.  So if you can connect your book to Doctor’s Day (March 30) or Be Mad Day (March 28 or the 4th Saturday in March), go for it.

As you wander through the site you’ll begin to appreciate how many things we all love or value.  Of course, for me – and possibly you – books and things related to them are of great value.  I read through the entire list of nearly 4,000 dates and believe these relate to books/words/reading/free speech/ideas/writing/language:

Book Blitz Month
National Braille Literacy
Copyright Day: 1
World Braille Day: 4
National Handwriting Day: 23
Freethinkers Day: 29
National Puzzle Day: 29
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day: 31

Library Lovers Month
Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week: 1-7
Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: 8-14
National Conference on Education: 26-28
Ayn Rand Day: 2
Facebook’s Birthday: 4
National Signing Day: 4 (First Wednesday)
Read in the Bathtub Day: 9
World Thinking Day: 22

International Ideas Month
National March into Literacy Month
Small Press Month
Youth Art Month
National Ghostwriters Week: 1-7
National Words Matter Month Week: 1-7
Read an E-Book Week: 1-7
Return the Borrowed Books Week: 1-7
Newspaper in Education Week: 2-6
Shakespeare Week: 16-22
Sherlock Holmes Weekend: 20-22
American Crossword Puzzle Days: 27-29
Dr. Seuss Day: 2
NEA’s Read Across America Day: 2 (Nearest School Day to Dr. Seuss’s Birthday 3/2)
World Book Day: 5
National Proofreading Day: 8
Dream 2015 Day: 11
L. Ron Hubbard Day: 13
International Ask a Question Day: 14
Freedom of Information Day: 16

Library Snapshot Month
National Poetry Month
School Library Media Month
National Library Week: 12-18 (2nd Full Week)
National Dream Hotline: 24-26 (Last Weekend)
Scrabble Day: 13
Dictionary Day: 14
National Library Workers Day: 14
National Library Day: 14
World Art Day: 15 (DaVinci’s Birthday)
National Bookmobile Day: 15
Celebrate Teen Literature Day: 16
National Haiku Poetry Day: 17
Talk Like Shakespeare Day: 23
World Book & Copyright Day: 23
World Book Night: 23
Eeyore’s Birthday Day: 25 (Last Saturday)
World Intellectual Property Day: 26
Poem in Your Pocket Day: 30

Get Caught Reading Month
Latino Books Month
Children’s Book Week: 4-10
PTA Teacher Appreciation Week: 4-8 (First Full Week)
Teacher Appreciation Week: 4-8 (First Full Week)
National Educational Bosses’ Week: 18-25
School Principals’ Day: 1
Free Comic Book Day: 2 (First Saturday)
World Press Freedom Day: 3
National Library Legislative Day: 4-5
Cartoonists Day: 5
National Teacher Day: 5
Biographer’s Day: 16
World Information Society Day: 17
World Telecommunications Day: 17
National Museum Day: 19
World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development: 21

Audio Book Appreciation Month
Drawing Day or Pencil Day: 6 (First Saturday)
Magna Carta Day: 15
Nature Photography Day: 15

National Parenting Gifted Children Week: 19-25
Fourth of July or Independence Day: 4
Parents’ Day: 26 (4th Sunday)
National Support Public Education Day: 30
Paperback Book Day: 30

American Artists Appreciation Month
American History Essay Contest (8/1-12/15)
National Read a Romance Month
National Scrabble Week: 1-5
World Wide Web Day: 1
National Kids’ Day: 2
Bad Poetry Day: 18
Poet’s Day: 21
Individual Rights Day: 29

Shameless Promotion Month
Constitution Week: 17-23
Penny Press Day: 3
International Literacy Day: 8
Libraries Remember Day: 11
Remember Freedom Day: 11 Day: 15
International Day of Democracy: 15
Constitution Day: 17
Constitution Day/Pledge Across America: 18
National Trademen Day: 18 (Third Friday)
National One-Hit Wonder Day: 25
National Museum Day: 26
R.E.A.D. in America Day: 26 (4th Saturday)
Banned Websites Awareness Day: 30

Children’s Magazine Month
Church Library month
National Arts & Humanities Month
National Book Month
National Cookbook Month
Self-Promotion Month
National Story Telling Weekend: 2-4 (1st Full Weekend)
Great Books Week: 4-10 (1st Full Week)
Mystery Series Week: 4-10 (1st Full Week)
Freedom of Speech Week: 18-24
Teen Read Week: 18-24
National Book It! Day: 1
World Post Day: 9
Free Thought Day: 12
English Language Day: 13
Black Poetry Day: 16
Information Overload Day: 21 (3rd Wednesday)
Make a Different Day: 24 (Last Saturday)
International Artists Day: 25
Books for Treats Day: 31

National Memoir Writing Month
National Family Literacy Month
Picture Book Month
American Education Week: 16-20
National Book Awards Week: 16-20
National Bible Week: 22-29
National Game & Puzzle Week: 22-28
National Authors’ Day: 1
National Family Literacy Day: 1
Cliché Day: 3
National Parents as Teachers Day: 8
World Freedom Day: 9
I Love to Write Day: 15
World Philosophy Day: 19
International Games Day (Libraries): 21
Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day: 24

Human Rights Week: 10-17
Human Rights Day: 10
Nobel Prize Day: 10
Bill of Rights Day: 15
Games Day: 20
Poet Laureat Day: 20
Celebrate Short Fiction Day: 21
Crossword Puzzle Day: 21
National Haiku Poetry Day: 22

Many honorary days revolve around pet and animal themes, diseases, children, and parenting.  Others related to specific careers, industries, and food.  You can see what America values by what it honors.  We are National ice Tea Month (June) and International Tatting Day (April 1, first Wed in April).  We are National Pet Month (May) and Defeat Diabetes Month (April).

Maybe there will be a day to honor all of the days that we honor.  But whatever you choose to celebrate, feel free to use them as introductions of your book to the news media.  You can thank them on June 23rd – National Columnists’ Day!


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