Friday, January 9, 2015

Speak Up, Writers!

Many writers choose to write because they express themselves best this way.  No face-to-face or in-person meetings.  No two-way dialogues.  They don’t worry about their physical appearance, sound of their voice, or having to be confronted with questions.  They can write when they want – edit and contemplate further – and publish when and where they choose.  But the very thing they fear, despise, or simply don’t care for – speaking to others – is exactly what could help sell a ton of books.  Are you ready to be heard?

You can speak as follows:
·         One-on-one
·         In front of a live group, in-person
·         Online via Skype
·         On the phone
·         An audio or video recording

Where might you speak?
·         Bookstores
·         Libraries
·         Trade Shows
·         Writers Conference
·         Book Clubs
·         Non-Profit Gatherings
·         Schools and Colleges
·         Panel of Professionals

You can do a podcast or make a video, but not take any questions or do it live.  You can put out content without appearing before people.

You can conduct a real-time teleseminar, by phone, and do it live and re-air it online.

You can conduct a webcast, an Internet broadcast that uses live streaming video technology to reach many people at once.

You can conduct a webinar, similar to a webcast but with interaction with viewers and participants.

If you want to do a webcast, log into live-streaming sites like,, or  To conduct a webinar, you will need a web-conferencing service such as

Speaking can be fulfilling and a money-making means to sell books and build your brand.  You have many routes to try.  You may find you like several methods.  One day you talk to 30 people at a library and another day you have 90 participants for a webinar.

Writing is its own reward.  But speaking will enable you to market and promote your writings in ways the written word cannot do.


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