Monday, January 19, 2015

Do Authors Need A Video?

I don’t know that a video alone sells books but it certainly is another means to promote your brand – along with audio, words, photos, and tools like blogs and websites, and platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Video is useful to authors if it is:
·         Filmed well (no shaking, distracting tricks, poor lighting/sound)
·         Short (no more than a few minutes)
·         Informative or entertaining – but not commercial
·         Conveying something to supplement your other content
·         Timely and fresh

Video is still a novelty in our sound-bite society.  Some studies show people remember 10% of what they read but 50% of what the see and hear.  Video provides a feeling of something happening.  There’s movement and texture to it.

Not sure if your video or book trailer measures up?  You can locate samples at these sites:
·         Moby Awards for Best and Worst Book Trailers
·         American Library Association Book Trailer Awards
·         Just Google “book trailers” and your genre

What makes for good video?
·         Background music
·         Cool graphics
·         An unusual image
·         A commanding or soothing voice

Where can you grab royalty-free images? Try:
·         Stock Photos
·         Morgue File
·         Open Clipart

How about free or inexpensive music clips?  Try:

Whatever video you create, upload it to YouTube.  Then get it onto other video-sharing sites.

In a given day, one billion people view 300 million hours of video.  Could your video be amongst them?


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