Monday, July 13, 2015

19 Digital Tools To Assist Authors & Publishers

There are so many analytics and posting tools online that it boggles the mind. Some have proven worthwhile over the years, such as TweetDeck and Google Analytics, while others come and go, never really catching on.  Here are 19 sites to explore.  You can determine which, if any, will help you share content, track traffic, or become more efficient in social media warfare.

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Some of these sites or apps work really well.  They post things in advance, curate content, show you what’s working for your posts, and generate ideas to assist your social media efforts.  However, nothing will produce great content for you – and nothing replaces your ability and time to network and build up useful connections.  There are no shortcuts to growing your social media fan base.

So check out the above resources and use them as best you can, but remember that he real task at hand is to get on a schedule that gives times to the following:

·         Researching, writing, and posting great content.
·         Increasing the size of your connections online.
·         Improving the quality of the connections you seek to make.
·         Spending time to actually touch your connections in a meaningful way.
·         Researching new tools to help you grow your social media footprint.
·         Focusing on social media that helps build your brand, sell books, and met your professional objectives.

Don’t get lost online and fall into the trap of:

·         Surfing YouTube aimlessly for entertaining videos
·         Getting sucked into an online chat that leads to venting but nothing productive
·         Taking on too many social media platforms – just stick with a core few
·         Producing a lot of content but not investing the time to share it properly

Good luck in your efforts to utilize social media in a useful manner. It’s easy to wander off the main road on the Information Superhighway. By using the tools mentioned above and taking a disciplined and focused approach to digital media, you can take your book and brand to a new level.


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