Monday, October 5, 2015

Interview With Author Thomas J. Hynes

Author Of It Wasn’t Like Nothing: One Marine’s Adventure in Vietnam

1. What can we learn by reading your book? Learning from the book:  I would like to think we came away from the book with a positive attitude.  The book simply gives the reader a description of what really happened at the level of the Marines taking on the NVA and Vietcong. It further describes the problems the Marines experience trying to simply exist under the conditions of the War.

2. Does America just want to forget the Vietnam War? I can't speak for the vast majority of Americans but I suspect most of them put the War behind them.  The fact that more than 55,000 Americans were killed seems of little concern to the present population.

3. What are your strongest memories of the unwinable war? First of all I disagree that it was an unwinnable War.  Realistic our War was fought to stop the spread of Communism south of Vietnam.  The Marines had to fight the Japanese in the Second World War up the Islands toward Japan.  They never set foot on Japan until Japan surrendered. Obviously we did no want to  spread Communism South of Vietnam. We were successful in this regard. My strongest memories were twofold. One was engaging the enemy on a regular basis. Secondly my memory involved the lack of things like food, water and clothing and in addition the lives of the dead and wounded.

4. Should our government do more for its returning veterans? I don't know.  My recollection was that the Americans who made it back from Vietnam did not have complaints about how they were treated.

5. How does Vietnam compare to our endless terrorism wars in the Middle East? Regarding the War in Vietnam, we got more than 50,000 Americans killed.  We went out to fight a real War.  What is going on in the middle East is nothing compared to what happened in Vietnam and the various Wars we engaged in prior to Vietnam.

6. What did you find challenging about penning this book? I wrote the book 35 years ago and stacked it away upon completion.  I had no problems writing the book.  It was about what actually happened and I simply reduced it to writing. Everything in there was true so I had little or no challenge in writing the book.


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