Thursday, October 8, 2015

Interview With Marriage Expert Donna Arp Weitzman

Author of Cinderella Has Cellulite...And Other Musings from a ‘Last Wife’!

1.       What inspired you to write you new book? After 25 years of an “okay” marriage I was forced to be a part of the strange new world of “singles.”     My embarrassment and damaged self-esteem were hard to handle but the real trauma came when I ventured into the “dating game.”   As I traveled through dating game episodes it became obvious my situation wasn’t unusual; in fact, it was typical.  Life changes for all of us and some of the changes aren’t pretty.  Writing “Cinderella Has Cellulite” was a cathartic tool I used to help me return balance to my life.

2.      What are some of things a woman must consider if a man has been married several times before their relationship? The operative words are “question and verify.”  Finding my “new husband” didn’t take long but the journey toward and down the aisle was filled with turmoil.  Mine fields came in many forms; cynicism, control issues, anger management and financial fixation are danger zones for any woman.  It goes without saying that a general negative attitude toward the female gender is obviously off limits.

3.      Is sex better if a man has had “experience” with other women? Sex should be a natural delightful experience that blends with the surroundings and mood.  In my opinion “practice doesn’t make perfect,” but the number of exposures absolutely carries increased risks of contracting debilitating diseases.  Voluminous Experience = Heighten Concerns for me.

4.       If a woman is a “cougar” is she more take charge and has better sex making a younger man want to be with her?  Cougars do take charge in their attempts to satisfy their needs.  They appear to be forthright with an “anything goes” psyche.   Young men are more vulnerable but the Cougar attitude is attractive to male egos of any age.  The Cougar gets in trouble when maturity brings a need for more than sex. 

5.      How did you come up with the catchy title “Cinderella Has Cellulite?” Regardless of whether or not a woman turns out to be a fan of “women’s liberation,” most girls long for a perfect relationship.  As the reality of living hammers truths into our brains most of us accept humans are less than perfect.  Cinderella may still have slender feet, but travel up the leg and ugly cellulite often throws ugly bumps in our travel road. 

6.       How do step children impact the relationship and remarriage? Magnify every story you have heard and you still won’t get it.  Until one or both partners reach the point of “disconnect” children of any age on either side are perfect tender for instant fires that can destroy peace.    For any chance of long-term survival, partners require a strong commitment to each other when stepchildren are involved.  

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