Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Interview With Leading With Purpose Author Marc Koehler

Leadership Book Author Speaks Out

Marc, why this leadership book, and why now? 
First, looking at all of the studies by Gallup, Harvard Business, and Forbes, employee engagement is a top three business challenge for the nearly 28M small business owners in the United States.  Second, both Employees and Customers want to know what the company stands for and how it is making a difference in the world. Third, there is a huge shift to simplifying and de-cluttering everything.  This book teaches leaders how to create a simple, meaningful message that emotionally engages both employees and customers and the tools are simple, but very powerful.  

How does it differ from the ton of leadership books out there? 
Many leadership books teach that engagement is important. They talk about “the what”. Our book is different because it teaches you “the how” – how to create an engaged and empowered team.

Why should we listen to you-- what is your ten second resume?
The book was borne out of the thousands of real-world leadership experiences I had over the last 30+ years including my time as a US Navy nuclear submarine officer, my time in management in large companies, and my experiences as a small business turn-around CEO/COO. The book provides a simple, step-by-step engagement blueprint that includes best-of-the-best tools and best practices from my time in the submarine force, big companies, and small businesses. My leadership experiences in these three different areas is unique.

What are four takeaways from your book?
1)      Engagement is the holy grail and we teach you how to engage people
2)      You create a single page plan that helps to Simplify and De-Clutter
3)      Leaders are Made, Not Born (You are a leader)
4)      A simple leadership approach we teach: Engage, Empower, and Encourage to be a successful leader.  

Any advice to struggling writers?
1)      Just get started.
2)      Tell your story of why you are writing the book.
3)      Get a great editor.
4)      Send what you think as the final manuscript out to select group and get their honest and frank feedback before you go to print.

Where do you see book publishing heading?
I am certainly not an expert in this area, but I see a continued shift to ebooks vs printed and more books being self-published and sold direct. 

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