Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Interview With Author Dr. Steven Bentley

Author of: A License to Heal: Random Memories of an ER Doctor

1.      What inspired you to write your book? I wanted to share the stories of ordinary people with common (often devastating) emergencies, unlike the "Hollywood" stereotype of semi-heroic doctors treating patients with unusual, exotic diseases.
3.      What are four take-always we need to know about it? 1. Stay calm and focused or the patient will lose! 2. Malpractice is a game! Do not be ashamed if you're sued. 3. Patients are often less than truthful about their health condition for a variety of reasons including - unaware, lawyers, work, attention, drug-seeking. 4. Emergency Medicine is an extremely rewarding, but challenging endeavor.

4.      What challenges did you overcome to pen it? Emotionally difficult to revisit many of the old cases I worked on.

5.      What do you miss about working in the ER? I miss the patients. I miss the exhilaration of saving a life!

6.      What can be done to fix the veterans' VA health care system? The system is broken beyond repair! In my opinion, since most of the treatment is for routine health issues, it should be merged with the existing public healthcare system and save the VA for true war-related injuries and rehabilitation.

7.      Any advice for struggling writers? Find an issue or story that motivates you and make yourself write it down on paper.


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