Sunday, October 8, 2017

Interview With Author Bella Altura

What Difference Does it Make? What Happened to Our Country?

1)      What really inspired you to write your book, to force you from taking an idea or experience and conveying it into a book? My continually increasing heartache at seeing what was happening to our country after the 2008 election induced me to write a daily account of what was occurring in our nation and around the world. I knew from reading and listening that the candidate did not have what I would call an American upbringing. He was taught at an early age to hate this country and his goal was from the start to bring chaos and ruin.

2)      What is it about and whom do you believe is your targeted reader? The book is about the 2008, the 2012 and the 2016 elections and its consequences to our nation. I am hoping all the people who voted for Trump will read it and some intelligent Democrats, such as the Reagan Democrats as well as our citizens and residents who have lost hope about the direction our country has taken over the past eight years and beyond.

3)      What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? I hope the readers who voted for our President will feel rewarded and reassured that they indeed saved this country from destruction, but that they have to be ever vigilant and stick together as a strong force, not to lose what we all worked so hard to accomplish. I am hoping against hope that the Democrats who read the book will see that it contains the truth, pure and simple and it is not their fault that they were misled by the mainstream media, and believed them. There is strength in numbers, so many lies and so often repeated are bound to be believed by those who have no time or willingness to do research.

4)      What advice or words of wisdom do you have for fellow writers? For me it was a must to write this book because I needed to shout my worries from the rooftops and the only way I could do that was to put it down in writing. If there is something you just have to communicate to an audience of many, this is the best way I found to do it.

5)      What trends in the book world do you see and where do you think the book publishing industry is headed? Many books will be written about the past eight years, there is no doubt about this. Much has already been written on the Republican side and it has been announced that the other side will do it too.

As to fiction, I can visualize a fertile ground from the past eight years of politics and policy. Those years probably lend themselves to mystery stories and espionage too. More I cannot say, as I only read historical and current event books and know nothing about other subjects.

6)      What great challenges did you have in writing your book? It pained me to have to write about the Democrats in a rash and hurtful way. I know that they are mostly basically good people. It is the ideology they think they must follow that is at fault and some of their leaders are corrupt as is the mainstream media they follow.

7)      If people can only buy one book this month, why should it be yours? My book is very easy to read and is so important in telling the truth as to why our country is in such turmoil. Every word, in my opinion, is telling, almost in short-hand, what was wrong in the past eight years. So the book is short, though very informative, and also inexpensive.

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