Friday, December 28, 2018

Authors Should See Book Marketing Like Going To A Gym Regularly

For some, going to the gym is like marketing a book.  It’s something that one doesn’t want to do, but has to. The gym, if used properly and often, will yield positive results, and book marketing, if done correctly and on a regular basis, also will yield good results. So what will it take for authors to stay dedicated to promoting a book, just as others remain committed to exercising and improving their state of health?

So what makes for a good gym member?

·        Working out often and according to a schedule - discipline is key.
·        Consistent workouts --working out at a certain level of intensity for a certain duration.
·        Diversifying workouts – rotating muscles and body parts or exercise helps avoid injuries, keeps you motivated, and works best for improving your body.
·        Pushing yourself – sometimes you go a little longer, a little harder and maybe you get in an extra workout session during some weeks.
·        Staying with it, no matter the level of stress, distractions, or demands of your day-to-day life.
·        Seeking the advice and support of a trainer or coach – let a pro help you.

So what makes for a good book marketing effort?

 ·        Promoting often and within a schedule.

·        Taking a consistent approach to book marketing and giving a certain level of intensity for a set amount of time.

·        Varying what you do to market your brand and promote your book, rotating between social media, news media, speaking, direct marketing, advertising, networking, and trading favors.

·         Going the extra mile and doing more than usual on occasion, whether it means staying up later, getting up earlier, or multi-tasking more efficiently.

·        Going full-force with your book marketing despite life’s distractions, demands, desires, and defeats.

·         Utilizing the advice and support of friends, family, and paid professionals.

·        Other similarities between marketing a book and working out extend to how we handle these challenges too:

·        Do you work out when tired, injured, or feeling unmotivated?

·        Will you market your book when exhausted, feeling uninspired, or after suffering rejection?

·        Can you push through limitations or get around changes at the gym?

·        Will you go outside your comfort zone and promote your book at a higher level?

·        Can you rest on your success and feel that you can ease up on your workout schedule while still seeing great results?

·        Could you slow your book marketing efforts down after seeing some success and still think your book will soar without igniting attention for it?
To live a healthy, balanced life, one inevitably needs a workout regimen, whether at a gym or in some other form of exercise.  And to have a strong writing career and a successful book, one must stick to promoting and branding oneself, never letting up.

Will you end up having a six-pack, runway model body by being a gym rat? Not necessarily, but you’ll be your best you and in a position to experience optimal health.  Will you end up a best-selling author and A-list celebrity by being a book promoter expert?  Certainly no guarantee there, but you’ll position your book and writing career to be ready to grow and be profitable.

Whether on a diet or pursuing a book writing career, stick with a gym -- and your book marketing plan.  The pay-off rests in your attitude, energy, and dedication to doing your best.


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