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How Authors Should Promote A Book Differently

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It’s been said that to be successful, one must do what others can’t.  They must also do what others don’t or won’t.  So what the heck does that really mean?

It means that when most people reach a point of giving up, you continue and persevere.

It means when people act a certain way, you go the opposite way.  If we all do the same thing, we won’t all achieve something.

It means when people are too lazy to do something, you should do it.

It means when others find something to be not worth their time, you seek value in doing it.

It means thinking, acting, and saying what others don’t – and seeking to find a road to success by being different, unique, or contrarian.

Otherwise the burden is to be better than most at something.  The more people compete with you, the better you’ll need to be.  Or you can choose your own path and play by different rules. Play a different game completely.

The truth is that you should do both.  Do what’s conventional and achievable - go for the low-hanging fruit – but also take risks and approach something in a wildly different manner than others.

Marketing a book should be done in a way that you both do what’s needed, even expected, but find your own unique approach to things.  Sure you should contact the media, but maybe you have an interesting way of doing this.  Sure you should speak before groups to sell your book, but maybe you have an unconventional style or approach.  Be unique and stand out.  You can shine, but sometimes you need to bring your own spotlight.

Every step of the way of your book marketing you should do what makes sense and is attainable, but also question how you can try new things, do old things in a new way, and to dismiss conventional wisdom in favor of doing things your way.  Given the odds are against your success, with 3,500 new books released daily, you have to find alternative means to brand yourself, sell your book, and get your message out there.

Will you produce video number one million and one of a talking head or a dancing dog – or will you create a video of a snoring camel – or maybe skip videos and use some other, underutilized medium?

You want to stick out in everything you do, from how you dress and speak to what your website looks like, your business card feels like, and how you use social media.  The minute you do more-of-the same stuff as your fellow authors, you will seal your fate in anonymity.  Stand out or sit down.

The New York Post, an entertaining rag masquerading as a newspaper, recently had a piece about an author doing a book tour on horseback across America.

Now that’s a bit unusual – and what a cool idea.

Author Bernice Ende, set out last month in Montana to promote Lady Long Rider:  Alone Across America on Horseback, and won’t stop riding until she makes it to New York in April.  Talk about a road warrior!

She estimates she’s ridden horseback over some 28,000 miles in her lifetime.  The retired ballet teacher is making the most of her passions, riding to promote a book about riding.

This is what it takes to promote a book these days.  You need a gimmick.  It’s not enough to write a great book, advertise it heavily, or promote it wildly.  You must come up with a head-turning approach in what you do or say while pitching your book.

I’ve seen authors do RV tours, motorcycle tours, walking tours… but not a book tour by horseback.  What’s next – camel riding? It would work!

Okay, so you may not have the time, resources, or skill, or desire to promote your book via horse, but what can you do that’s a bit unconventional or atypical to get attention for yourself?


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