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Can You Make A Book Marketing Miracle Happen?

Think big. No, bigger. OK, now supersize that. Now double it.

Get the idea? If not, think again. Sometimes you need to shoot for the moon. Even if you fall far short you most likely will have gotten further than many others and certainly further than your previous efforts.

Although most of your time should be spent on hitting your core market in predictable, risk-free, conventional ways, some of your time should be spent looking for a breakthrough, a knockout punch, a Super Bowl berth, a lottery win. Heaven. So what does such an ambitious approach look like?

It should:
·         Feel new to you.
·         Have an element of risk.
·         Have a huge payoff if successful.
·         Seem strange, yet recognizable.
·         Be crazy and off the wall and not so logical.
·         Be experimental and not based on data and facts.
·         Appeal to your gut instinct – it should feel right.
·         Make you nervous, but not neurotic.

Your marketing miracle could be approaching people with a pitch that at first seems controversial, one that if remembered and catches on, will be successful, and if it fails you will have egg on your face. You can limit the downside by avoiding slogans or visuals that would expose you to criticism of being racist, sexist, etc. but that doesn’t mean you cannot be daring. Being creative  doesn’t mean you have to insult someone or force people to choose sides – it means saying something in a way people have not thought of before.

But the things that get people’s attention are the things that polarize people – religion, sex, politics, money, race and competitive areas such as sports teams, industry rankings, nationalism, etc. If you can make people think, laugh, feel, and take notice of what you have to say, you will be on your way to a breakthrough.

A good message, delivered in an ad, a speech, a blog, etc. is really like a puzzle or code. Some kind of combination of words and images will get someone’s attention. There is no mathematical formula to formulate a winning message but there are some proven ways and means to connect with people.

This is what a great message should be:

1.      It starts with the very words you use – and how many you use.
2.      It revolves around the image you seek to conjure up, including any visuals attached to your words.
3.      It gets wrapped up in design – fonts, colors, space, etc.
4.      It coincides with timing – the message should match the current mood of people. No one wants to hear about umbrellas unless it’s raining but they will be open to a warm and fuzzy message around Thanksgiving Day, so take into account the public consciousness at the time of your pitch.
5.      It comes down to speaking to people’s wants and needs. Take it a step further. What is the dream, the fantasy, the ideal of perfection? What do people need, fear, love, have to have, or fight to avoid? Appeal to what really moves people.

Tap into people’s passions. Don’t you perk up when someone discusses the things that you find meaningful, important, rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting? Your pitch should be like an action-adventure movie trailer – take people to where you want to lead them. They are following you on a great escape.

It doesn’t matter what your book is about or your area of expertise. It is presumably about something that some group of people will benefit from if they read it. All you need to do is raise the stakes and explore the extremes. Play into people’s egos, for one.

Here is an example. If I was to advertise a seminar on how to write a book and get published I would find the words to state the extremes and ideals.

·         I won’t tell you just how to get published, but how to get a multi-book deal!
·         I won’t stop at getting you published. I will make you a best-selling author.
·         That’s not enough. Here is how to convert your book fame into consulting gigs or a new job – your dream job, of course.
·         As a successful author you will transition into other areas – DVD’s, software, theater – who knows?
·         Learn how to make money writing, researching and selling information.

You get the idea. Elevate the stakes. Take a goal and turn it into gold – into the maximum extreme. Now, caution, you don’t want your ad to read like an overhyped, get-rich-quick scheme. You merely want to create excitement and drive them to visualize the ideal or best result possible. No one will run to buy something that only moderately improves their situation. They want to hear that they can break through and soar, that they have a chance to win big. You cannot use wishy washy language that sounds conservative, non-committing or doubtful. Go full throttle in a direction that leaves the reader feeling foolish for passing up such an opportunity.

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