Friday, December 6, 2019

Will Authors Go All Brooklyn To Succeed?

I’ve read, skimmed, or read about well over a thousand self-help books.  Actually, that number could be double or triple.  One loses count in the pursuit of seeking to get their act together and gain an edge over others. But these books – and 52 years of living with a Brooklyn-centric mentality – are what I need to be me.  What do you need to succeed as an author?

You must do these things – and probably dozens of others – to succeed as an author.  Here’s the secret to success – don’t blow it:

Create your own opportunities.  No one’s looking out for you.  No one cares about you except your mom and cat – maybe.  Assume no one knows you even exist.  Now, be opportunistic and create something from nothing.  Don’t just react to life – initiate it.  You must pounce on all opportunities and opportunities are all around you.  They aren’t advertised, but they are there.  Start by asking.  Ask for information – or advice – or help. Just by asking, even strangers, someone will help you.  They weren’t going to volunteer it.  They didn’t even know you needed or wanted it.  But you asked.  So someone steps forward. Ask more often. For bigger things.  See where this is going?

Act helpless, dumb, and needy.  Put your ego aside and be like an actor in a role that helps you get what you need.  Let people think you are poor, weak, dumb, alone, whatever.  They will want to help you because it makes them feel smart and good about themselves.  Let them give you charity by way of resources, ideas, support, information, or even a hug.  Make use of what others are willing to give to you.

Don’t be rude, mean, or selfish, but be aggressive, assertive, and focused on what you want to achieve.  Be sweet as sugar, smile, laugh, and act with a sense of decency, but be the lion when necessary.  You must go after what you want, but you don’t have to cheat or steal.

Push the limits – your own and those of others.  You won’t know what the limit is until someone says “no” or acts offended. It’s worth trying for more than what you think you deserve or that they will give.  You lose nothing by trying.

Take a risk.  Playing it safe is good if you are crossing a highway.  Otherwise, be willing to risk something in order to get more. We rarely trade things of equal value.  You are trading fear for success – and so you have to risk one thing to gain something greater.

Don’t let anyone put you down, diminish your assets, dismiss your values, tear away at your beliefs, or mock your goals. Screw them.  Toughen up and know that you can achieve great things. Put those distractors aside.  Believe in your truth and know that you need to spread it to others.

Don’t ask for what you want.  Demand it.  State it as a fact. Be firm, confident, and resilient.  Negotiate out of a sense of strength not weakness.  Everyone has a price – to pay or to get. You need to get your price, too. To negotiate well, be willing to bluff, lie, threaten, or diminish their offer.  Be willing to walk away – and know you can always come back.

Refuse to feel defeated, boxed in, or threatened. Act resourcefully.  You will not be bullied, overwhelmed, or dealt with like you’re a number and not a person. We’ve in a human world. Get around corporate walls, automated machines, or policies, rules, and even laws.  Appeal to a human with your story, your emotions, their fears/needs/concerns, and whatever it is that they value.  Terminator days will eventually be upon us – but not yet.  Simply act out of a code or mantra that says: “I refuse to accept no.  I will find a way to yes.”

If you need further, assistance, come take my Brooklyn Boot Camp. It doesn’t yet – exist but in my mind, but it’s enough to get me through the day.  You need to go all Brooklyn.  Now.


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