Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Writer’s Dream Deserves Support

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How much time, money, and effort would you put into your book if your goals for your book are modest ones? The answer may surprise you.

Plenty of authors pour tens of thousands of dollars into the creating, printing, promoting and marketing of their books – without necessarily seeing the financial return one would want to expect from a business venture. But the book could end up being a success and bring results that one can’t easily quantify or commodify.

An author may write a book for any or all of the following reasons:

·         The process is cathartic and makes the author feel good.
·         Ego:  The writer wants to be a published author.
·         To be a best-selling author or at least garner a lot of sales.
·         To build a brand with the help of the book.
·         To use the book as a calling card to dream up sales for other services, products, or books.
·         To help generate publicity for the author.
·         To empower readers and help them improve their lives or the world.
·         To raise awareness for a cause, issue or charity --and to help support a message that the author holds dear.
·         To help generate interest from Hollywood, corporate sponsors, overseas publishers, Broadway, or a speaker’s bureau.
·         To support an author’s attempt to become an online influencer.

Based on how many of the above reasons motivate a writer, there could be no limit as to what one would invest to make their dream come true.

This is why some authors will spend to advertise their book – but not yield a profit from doing so. It’s why they will seek to promote their book and pay marketers to spread the word, even if book sales lag. It’s why they will do, say, or try anything to have a successful book.  They are moved by a number of beliefs, desires, and ambition.

As they should be.

Authors deserve to dream and to have a shot at breaking through, despite the odds or the cost. When all is said and done with our lives, our books are our legacies as writers. Books can be a stepping stone to fame and fortune – or to aiding in the fulfilment of a dream. Writers know it takes luck, work, resources – and talent – to really make it. We should support their pursuits.

Writers, however, still must spend their resources wisely and choose to collaborate with honest, talented, and sincere experts. Writers can be smart about what they do, even if they are willing to invest and gamble on their writings. They open their heart on a page, and then their wallet to sell that page.

There are a lot of books out there. The list grows by at least 3,500 new titles every 24 hours. The level of competition is fierce and the consumer is more preoccupied by other content than ever before.  Today’s author is greatly challenged to be read and to be seen as a shaper of society.

So, my writing friends, spend wisely, but continue to do what you do to make your dream a reality. Some will break through and many will just break.  But it’s worth the effort, to have a shot at what you feel is something you should attain.  

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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