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Advice To Authors From A Book Promoter of 30 Years

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Writing a book is like getting pregnant after trying for several years to conceive of a child.
Publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby.
Marketing that book is like raising money for your kid’s college education.

Each stage seems challenging and filled with pitfalls. But it all so very rewarding when it goes right.

To get yourself going on your book marketing, you should ponder the following:

So, Why Did You Write Your Book?
What drives you to promote and market your book? No doubt, you want to make good on your promise as a writer to produce a quality book on a topic you are passionate about. So why did you write the book in the first place? How you answer will dictate your marketing plan.

You Published Your Book Because:
·         Of ego and the personal satisfaction of being published?
·         You hope to sell a ton of books and become a bestselling author?
·         You want to help others?
·         You want to share knowledge?
·         You want your legacy engraved?
·         You want to advance your career?
·         You want to make the world a better place?

For whatever reason or reasons you wrote your book, good for you. Now do something to support that drive that got you to write and publish your book. This is the moment you must market it, even during these insane times.

Do You Have A Board Of Directors?
Some authors form a supportive group of unpaid advisors, a mastermind group of several  knowledgeable professionals who meet regularly by phone, or in person. They voluntarily guide you, exchange ideas, and offer referrals or resources to help you grow your writing career. Reach out to friends, family, acquaintances or professionals you have interacted with to serve on your board. They can be instrumental in advising you on how to best market, promote, sell, and brand yourself.

Act As If You Are In The Future Reflecting Back On Now
Assume that you really are THE EXPERT on your topic, that what you have to offer is truly revolutionary, amazing, new, or unique. What would you do to get the word out and what will you tell others to make them realize your book is really a must-have?

Imagine your life six months, a year, or five years from now. See yourself in the future reflecting back on today – which would be your future’s past. What will you see when you look back at how you handled today’s opportunities to market and sell? Leave no stone unturned. Do all that you can now to give your book a chance at success, so you will have no doubts, no guilt, no feelings of falling short, no fears that you couldn’t experiment.

You can do this. Some doubted you would write a book. Others didn’t think it would get published. Not you wander if you can market it successfully. I say yes. Now prove me right.

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