Monday, July 13, 2020

Overcoming The 9 Stages Of Authors Marketing Their Books

Psychologists say there are seven stages to grief and loss – shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance. How many stages are there for authors confronting their destiny with book marketing?

Authors can definitely harvest their resources and harness their will to succeed at book marketing, but first they must live through these nine stages:

1. Surprise
Authors are shocked at what needs to be done and how much cost or time is involved. They didn't know that a book's success comes down to them and not a publisher, luck, or the merit of one’s book.

2. Denial
One does not want to have to believe that they have to do so much and fail to accept it until reality hits that if they are to succeed, they must market a book.

3. Anger
Writers wonder why it is so hard to market a book, and why it seems so laborious. All they want to do is write books and enjoy the fruits of their work. They resent having to get involved in hawking their book or brand.

4. Fear
The author has to overcome the fear of not knowing how to market a book, fear of the unknown, and fear of failure.

5. Exploratory
The author, once realizing he or she has to do something to promote a book, starts to research the possibilities. What can or should be done to successfully market a book fills their minds, 24/7.

6. Decisive
This is a critical stage, where the writer must determine what he or she will do and who will be hired to help in areas that authors lack ability, enthusiasm or time to execute.

7. Acceptance
This is when the author understands his limitations, where after trying something he realizes he either gets help, outsources completely, or simply acknowledges some weak spots exist, and accepts that they won’t get done. It’s okay. One does not have to be perfect.

8. Reflection
The author eventually sees what works – or doesn’t – and analyzes why, so that he or she can learn from mistakes and have a better-informed approach for marketing their next book.

9. Celebration
At some point, the campaign concludes, and regardless of where you fell short, please celebrate all of your successes and realize you grew as a writer and have positioned your brand for more good things to come.

Exhaustion, angst, exasperation or frustration may be subsets of some of these stages, but no matter – you get the point. Every author goes through these nine stages of book marketing. Embrace them and find a way to thrive under them. The sooner you begin the process, the sooner you will reap the pay-off and become a more accomplished author.

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