Monday, July 6, 2020

Simplifying Book Marketing So Anyone Can Do It

15-Step Book Marketing Strategy - Lisa Larter

Book marketing needs to be done, to support an author’s brand, generate book sales and spread a message. Authors know this well, but so many try to avoid it. Maybe they just need to see the act of book marketing in a different light.

Start by breaking it down into specific, smaller elements. Focus on one thing and explore how you can do it well. Don’t get overwhelmed by everything that you need to do. Just zero in on one thing.

For instance, if we’re talking about advertising, develop a checklist of specific needs, questions,  resources, and timelines needed to execute a successful ad campaign.

You might want to research:
·         Where to advertise
·         Cost of advertising
·         When to advertise
·         Examples of successful ad campaigns
·         How to construct an advertisement with great content/images/headline

Or, maybe you want to explore speaking engagements. Again, develop your checklist to figure out what you need to know, decide, or do.

You will want to research:
·         Where to speak (which cities/locations).
·         If one is paid or given an opportunity to sell books.
·         A timeline of when to speak.
·         Identify content for your speech.
·         Researching a contact sit for specific venues, such as bookstores, libraries, schools, organizations, businesses, churches, or other groups.
·         What you’d speak about.
·         Researching a contact for specific stores, libraries, schools, organizations, businesses, or churches to solicit speaking engagements.

By separating each large task, such as speaking, advertising, social media, bills, sales, networking, news media, blogging, etc., you help yourself focus better. By then listing smaller, specific tips for each large task you start to go from a concept to actualizing a reality.

Some of us really have ADHD or OCD or procrastinate all of the time. But even without an official diagnosis of something that debilitates us, we all seem to suffer from being poor planners who get fearful of the unknown, delay things to the point it sabotages us, and who hate making decisions. Something cripples us and then nags us. If we just get going in some direction, and then build on what we are doing, we will be fine.

So what stops us from taking hold of our book marketing fate?

·         We lack knowledge
·         We feel insecure
·         We lack time or money
·         We doubt our success potential
·         We fear rejection
·         We don’t have a good role model
·         We don’t enjoy it and want to just write, write, write

I know we can’t all be good at doing everything, nor can we all be good at marketing a book. But we can each do better, and try a little harder, and act a little smarter than what we’ve done so far. Give it a shot. You haven’t a thing to lose – and so much to gain.


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