Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How Do Authors Really Get Discovered?

In Danger of Being Discovered - The Portsmouth music documentary.

So many writers live a dream, a dream unfulfilled. 

They believe they have written great books but get frustrated when no one buys their book. Others feel disappointed that a publisher has not agreed to publish their gem or that they can’t convince a literary agent to represent them. Millions of writers are angry, confused, frustrated, disappointed, and undiscovered. 

So how do they make it big and break through the clutter?

It takes one part talent, two parts luck, and three parts marketing.

As you can see, talent is the least of it. The formula for success comes down to who you know, what you are willing to do to help yourself, and random luck.

But what can you control – or take advantage of – that will position you for a lucky break?

First, don’t expect the world to discover you. No, you need to push out your brand and make your voice heard. You can do it for free with social media. You can also be active in securing speaking appearances, getting media exposure, paying for advertising, and networking to secure more sales.

Second, you can seek out testimonials from qualified, recognizable, authoritative figures, which will impress others.

Third, you can craft a creative, interactive, nicely-designed, robust web site.

Fourth, you can learn to become a dynamic speaker.

Fifth, you can buy or trade for access to big-name support. You can buy testimonials or contributions to your book, such as a foreword. You can also attend or participate in events put on by key organizations that may help advance your brand or book.

Nothing comes easy.


Invest in what you want to get and in whom you want to become. If your book is really THAT good, it will get discovered – provided you actually give it a big push. No push, no breakthrough. It’s simple math.

Most authors operate under myths, misconceptions, fears, lack of information, jealousies, or lack of effort and worries. But the excuses need to stop. The world is not rigged to defeat you but it will challenge you and force you to jump through hoops in order to earn your fame.

Of course, that said, plenty of great writers have failed to get published or fell way short of fame once they were published. After all, there is a lot of competition out there. Only a certain small percentage of all writers really enjoy successful writing careers.

Authors need champions. They need cheerleaders too. They need real support – psychologically and financially – to break through. But they need advocates or sponsors, people who will not only root them on or help pay for things like marketing, but who have connections to open doors for others.

Publishing is different – and yet similar to – Broadway, Hollywood, or professional sports. Only a few thousand lucky and talented and connected and persistent performers get to the winner’s circle each year. There’s definitely a formula for failure, but the road to success is littered with many challenges and obstacles. Authors will need a tough resolve, an optimistic heart, and a can-do attitude to break through.

Are you a great optimist, networker, marketer, and social media user? Are you a lucky cat? Do you have help?

Are you a great writer? Prove it.


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