Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Covidnomics Gold Rush For Books


We are now entering the eighth month of corona. Ugh, this has gone on a long time and yet it is not clear if we are just entering the mid-point of this thing – or if we are nearing the end with a vaccine on the horizon. But one thing is clear, the corona economy will be with us into 2021, so what does that mean for the book world?

Covidnomics. That is what we have.

On the one hand, book sales should hold steady or rise the rest of the year. Why?

·         Big books come out in the fall and for holiday season purchases. There’s been a backlog on book releases that are now exploding onto the scene.

·         People read to escape, and who wouldn’t want to escape America: 2020? Book sales are up because people are tired of hearing bad news and need to float their mind across the pages of books.

·         Certainly more people have more time to read. No long drives to work. For tens of millions, no work at all. Break out the book.

There’s also a backlash against tech and what better way to take your eyes off a screen – Netflix, Zoom, social media – than with a book!

On the other hand, book sales are in danger because:

·         People are used to reading for free – online content rules. Only some will pay for content.

·         People can’t afford books. Corona has devastated not only millions of households with its germs, but it has destroyed millions of jobs and careers.

·         People are distracted and stressed over health, wealth, and the election. Some people just can’t sit still and focus on a book.

Still, when you look at everything, corona has been a positive for book sales and authors. Writers are focused on writing tons of books. Readers are buying books and eager to support the arts. A chunk of the country is illiterate, too poor to buy books, or prefers free online content – but a core chunk drinks up books and keeps the industry alive.

All bad things will come to an end. The book industry would gladly embrace a return to normalcy, where lives and job are no longer in danger. Book sales will remain strong in 2021, in part because corona won’t completely nor quietly leave, but also because once it is defeated, people will remain close to the books that they have enjoyed and rediscovered.

The covidnomics of the American book industry are solid. Write and market your book now!


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