Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Could Authors Go Broke Trying To Make A Buck?

Authors already complain of all the time and mindshare they put into crafting, researching, editing, and revising their book. It is a huge investment and challenge that they feel is worthwhile. But should they practically go into debt to publish, promote, and market their book?

In an era when some college degrees cost northward of a quarter-million dollars, there are authors who would spend at least one-tenth of that to publish and promote their book. Publishing a book may be accessible to all, but can they really afford to be authors?

How much should authors spend on their book?

It depends on:

* How much money they have
* Why they are getting published
* What they will get back on their investment

Is the book connected to one’s

* Passion or hobby?
* Mission to help others?
* Branding tool for a career?
* Selling of multiple products,  services, or  other books?

The cost of publishing a book and printing copies can run into the thousands quickly.
Everyone has their hand in your wallet. If you are self-published, you pay for everything, including:

* Manuscript editing
* Cover design
* Interior book design
* Printing
* Storage
* Shipping
* Distribution
* Advertising
* Contest or award submission fees
* Public relations
* Advertising
* Marketing
* Website development

Everyone needs to Invest in book marketing and publicity if they are to even have a shot at success, though such an expenditure comes with no guarantees. 

Authors need to make a realistic budget as to what is needed and what it costs. Then they must identify their resources and determine how they will finance their book. Then, they should set both goals and limits on these planned expenditures, allowing for a time to assess results before determining if additional spends are necessary and prudent.

Dollar for dollar, there are far more things one can invest their money in than in books, but that is only true if the pay-off is measured in dollars and cents. When it comes to books, one invests in hopes  and dreams, in their ego and legacy, in their love of writing and the art of story telling, and in their convictions and desires to help others by conveying their message. All of that is priceless.

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