Saturday, February 27, 2021

You Can Bet Books Have A Good Shot

I never thought that going to a racetrack could save my life, but it may have.

Now, before you think I am a gambling addict, there was no bet placed, no horse race run. I went to Aqueduct Racetrack to get my first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination. 

I was a bit nervous getting it, not so much thinking it would hurt, but that I would suffer some serious, life-threatening side effect. I once had such a reaction to a drug that I was in the hospital for 11 days.

Thankfully, no reaction to round one of two. I come back in three weeks for another dose. I will let you know if I survive. The good news is I greatly increased my chances of surviving corona, should I get it. I feel like good times are around the corner, not just for me, but the nation. 

Maybe Memorial Day Weekend will again kick off a summer of beach visits, travel, and barbecues with friends and family. I hope to get to some Mets games and lots of restaurants. 

It is as if we have all been in a corona-induced coma, left in isolation, unable to really touch each other. But that will change soon. We will enter a hybrid spring where long-dormant theaters, schools, restaurants, and arenas open up, gradually getting back to 50% capacity or more. There will still be some social distancing and masks may remain, especially in places like public transportation. But we will move forward.

The book world will move with it. We can soon return to lingering in the store, sitting at a cafe or reading a book on a chair. We will no longer come in to just make a transaction or pickup and then scamper out. No, we shall purposely reconnect with the temple of knowledge, breathing in the air of your town’s true center. We will be able to talk to one another and again experience the community of books. Author events and book signings  — and writer conferences, book festivals, and author seminars will return in 2021.

I implore others to get the vaccine. It is what we can all do to protect ourselves and each other. It is what will bring us back together, to a normalcy many of us have forgotten but crave. 

And it will bring us back sooner to the world of books and people. 

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