Saturday, February 6, 2021

Authors Can Improve By Teaching Others


“Turn right and go down Boston Post Road.”

No, that was not my utterance to an uber driver. I was instructing my just-turned-16-year-old son on one of his recent driving lessons.

It has just been about three weeks of Daddy Drivers Ed, and I am happy to report no accidents. He is pretty good but needs some smoothing of the edges. He doesn’t realize what he doesn’t know, thus my wisdom transfer to him is needed. He will still require many hours behind the wheel — under many conditions and settings — but he is traveling down the right path.

It has occurred to me that as I teach him, I learn again. I also remind myself — if my son doesn’t point shit out to me when I drive — to always put safety first. The road is no place for ego or being right. It’s about getting from point A to point B without incident.

When we are young, we are taught by everything and everyone. Then we learn by doing and experimenting. As we age and especially when some of us become teachers, therapists, consultants, or parents, we learn again by teaching others. Perhaps authors should adopt the mindset of being mentors and teachers to other authors – not only because it’s nice to give back, but to also learn in the process.

Something happens when we have to explain what we know to another person. We start to realize how much we actually know and feel proud. We also realize that we need to remind ourselves of things that we encourage in others but may have forgotten to do for ourselves. Teaching another forces you to really test your beliefs, theories, and facts. It makes you prepare, study, and double-check things. So if you want to learn, teach.

Learn, Grow, Succeed!!

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