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Authors: Obey The 10 Golden Rules


Let me save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on motivation coaches, psychotherapists, marketing webinars, business courses, self-help books, instructional videos, and inspirational seminars. I have done the heavy lifting, personally and professionally. Mooch off of my gravitational pull and circulate in my orbit. Please.

Book marketing can be demystified. It can work for you. It could even be fun. I shit you not.

Authors, it is natural to have fears, insecurities, and allergies to life — and book marketing. It is normal and quite common to meditate about marketing — and then practice the zen of sitting paralyzed. It is most typical to dip your toes into the marketing pool and declare you can’t swim before your first lesson. I get it — you can’t drown if you don’t dive into the pool. But you also won’t be able to swim in the ocean of success if you won’t at least show up to the beach.

Are you:

* Crippled by fear?
* Frozen by a lack of information?
* Sidelined because you can’t risk failure?
* Impotent due to a lack of skills or skilled helpers?

No more.

Not now, not tomorrow, not next year.

If you don’t want to believe that, delete this blog, toss your computer in the trash, and seek a new vocation.

That’s right. It is tough-love time. I am sick and tired of authors grabbing onto bullshit excuses, seeing them being more comfortable tethered to whining than winning. Am I talking to you?

Commit to marketing as much as you do to writing. Open your heart, eyes, watch, and wallet to book marketing.  To not help yourself is foolish, insane, and pathetic.

Plus, aren’t you sick and tired of being held back, in part, by your own hand? You are tired of losses, rejections, and being ignored. I know it. You know it. Defeat should not be assumed nor embraced.

Be resolute, my friend. Don’t be bullied — by yourself or others. Unleash yourself and let your voice be heard.  I support you. Viva la author! Let the revolution of you begin now!

Here is absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably, and indisputably the best advice any author of any genre at any stage of one’s career could possibly receive?

1. Never Give Up — Unless Your Book Stinks

Sometimes what you write is far from gold. Or it needs a good edit. Or your title sucks. Or your cover is not grabbing anyone’s attention. It happens. Sometimes we rush a book to press or we simply think too highly of our work. But, assuming you have a decent, if not grest book, get off your ass and the pity couch, regroup, and strive to succeed. No one will believe in you until you believe in yourself, and once you believe, act with urgency and unbridled passion to find your book’s readership.

        2. Get Started — Over and Over

Life — and book marketing — have false hopes and false starts. You may fail today or tomorrow or next week. No matter. Take the advice we give to those who fall off a bike — and get the hell up and back on the bike.

        3. Stay Focused — And Disciplined

Keep your eye on the prize. A day of not marketing is a day wasted. Have an opportunistic mindset and create your own opportunities. You don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to succeed.

        4. Set Goals — Long-Term, Short-Term, Today
Define what success could look like for yourself. Create reasonable benchmarks for incremental periods of time. Review and evaluate progress. Reset your goals and pursue higher horizons. Never feel satisfied. Assume or envision victory — and you will be one step closer to it.

        5. Be Authentic — And Passionately Unapologetic

Be who you are. You have a voice and a pulpit. Get out there and let the sun shine on whatever it is that you have to offer. Appeal to your niche or targeted reader — and dismiss the vast majority of people who will never buy your book for any of a zillion reasons that have little to do with you.

        6. Have A Marketing Plan — And Don’t Let It Collect Dust

Plan stuff out. Identify your targeted readership and find where it congregates. Determine how to find them and offer them something of perceived value.

        7. Network, Network, Network

Online, offline — connect to others. The people in your life are the ones who will help you. If you get to know more people, and work your connections, you greatly increase your chances of success.

        8. Believe In Yourself
Prescribe yourself a dose of confidence. Don’t question it. You earned it. You need it. Believe, and it shall be. Don’t argue with me or try to prove me wrong. I refuse to believe otherwise. 

        9. Be Persistent and Aggressive

I know of no other way to be. I grew up in a lower middle-class apartment in Brooklyn. If you don’t ask, don’t try, or don’t push, you don’t get anything. No one is looking out for you. Take hold of your book marketing and own it.

        10. Experiment, Diversify, & Take Risks

You have nothing to lose by trying new things. Don’t rely on one approach to marketing. Experiment with social media, blogging, podcasting, advertising, speaking, news media, book clubs, book awards, paid reviews, etc. Book marketing is like investing your money: just as you would diversify in various industries and companies and with various investment instruments like stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto, etc., you need to vary your time, money, and mindshare in your book marketing efforts.

Obey these 10 Golden Rules for Authors!

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