Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Blockbuster Thinking For Marketing Books

After recently reading a very interesting book, Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide To Better Ideas, I began to think of how I can relate these concepts to one’s approach to book marketing. 

Here’s what I discovered:


  • There are some one hundred billion neurons in your brain and nervous system. They influence your behavior. How will we influence them? 
  • To overcome ignorance or unawareness of something, allow yourself to question everything.  
  • Fluency and flexibility of thinking are vital to nurture creativity. 
  • Before you can provide a solution to a problem, make sure you correctly identified the problem. In essence, make sure you are asking the right question.  
  • Devise a plan for your book marketing. Try to think of a familiar challenge and see if you can learn from other things that you or others have done.  
  • When dwelling on an issue or challenge, take a break. Let things marinate or incubate. Walk away from what you concentrated on and come back with fresh eyes. Sleep on it. 
  • Brainstorm with others after you’ve had time to contemplate in isolation. Let the rapid-fire, judge-free ideas flow easily. Then analyze or test them.  
  • Take the time to think. Use a mentor. But, remember that you need to take action at some point. You can’t just ponder and pontificate -- do something after giving it some thought.  
  • Don’t ignore the experts just because you don’t like what they say. Don’t just seek simple answers to complex problems and don’t resist change.  
  • Confront your perceptual stereotyping. Are your biases and instincts getting in the way of taking a needed action? 
  • Don’t undermine your marketing efforts by failing to distinguish reality from fantasy or desire from facts. Don’t engage in having a preference for judging ideas rather than generating them. 
  • Do not let the fear of making a mistake, failing or losing stop you from taking a risk.  
  • Allow for some amount of uncertainty, even chaos. If you lack any tolerance for ambiguity or uncertainty, you won’t allow for the taking of chances into the unknown.  
  • Are you trying to perform a marketing task with the wrong tool, skill, or facts? In other words, are you applying the right formula to approach a problem? 
  • Examine your priorities and values. Are they crippling you from succeeding at book marketing?  
  • Do you look at thongs realistically but also opportunistically? Are you a grounded optimist? Can you dream a little while not ignoring the basics that need to be acted upon? 
  • Are you letting distractions, such as a phone, interfere with your book marketing?  It’s easy to get distracted by our devices.

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